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Flipping Out for Filipino "Flip Sum" at Isla Manila in Seattle

Eating Asian Jay Friedman 2 comments

Think about dim sum done with Filipino food, and you've figured out the Flip Sum concept. It's an interesting, economical, and delicious way to enjoy a meal that's full of fascinating dishes. More

Killer Katsu Curry and Japanese Comfort Food at Cutting Board in Seattle

Eating Asian Jay Friedman Post a comment

Cutting Board is an excellent option if you're craving yoshoku, or Western-influenced Japanese dishes, like this deep-fried pork cutlet served with curry rice. More

Bring on Korean Breakfast at JeonJu Bbop near Seattle

Eating Asian Jay Friedman 1 comment

This classic mom-and-pop restaurant has a simple one-page menu that's heavy on the Hangul, but ask for help and you'll discover satisfying dishes like pollock soup and bibimbap available as early as 8 a.m. More

Two New(ish) Ramens Worth Slurping in Seattle's Other Japantown

Eating Asian Jay Friedman 1 comment

4649 Restaurant and Ramen Man are steps apart from each other, but each one brings its own distinct style to the bourgeoning Wallingford Japantown. More

Burmese Salad Days and More at Laksa King in Vancouver

Eating Asian Jay Friedman 4 comments

Formerly known as Bo Laksa King's Bubbles and Bits, this hole-in-the-wall restaurant serves an array of pan-Asian dishes, including Burmese salads and the namesake noodle soup. More

A Tale of Two Fried Rices in Seattle

Eating Asian Jay Friedman 6 comments

Sometimes all I want is simple fried rice. Cold, (preferably) day-old rice hitting a hot wok results in grains that are soft and fluffy, not to mention a great vehicle for other flavors. Fortunately for me, Seattle's International District has a host of Chinese restaurants that fire up fried rice. Two of the most-touted are virtually back-to-back, so I decided to visit both to compare their offerings. More

Surprisingly Strong Shabu-Shabu at Roaring Bowl, Seattle

Eating Asian Jay Friedman Post a comment

A new restaurant in the shadows of the Space Needle turns out surprisingly impressive Japanese shabu-shabu. More

Asian Eats: Octopus Soup, Late-Night Ramen, and More at Brimmer & Heeltap in Seattle

Eating Asian Jay Friedman Post a comment

A protégé of award-winning chefs strikes out on his own with Asian-inspired octopus soup, kabocha buns, a personal spin on ramen, and more. More

Biang! Makes a Bang with Spicy Xi'an Noodles Near Seattle

Eating Asian Jay Friedman 5 comments

"Biang" is the sound produced when a chef pulls dough and thwacks it against a table to make fresh noodles, making the hand-ripped Biang Biang noodles a star at Biang! restaurant (exclamation point theirs) just north of Seattle. More

Sampling the Fried Delights at Phnom Penh in Vancouver's Chinatown

Eating Asian Jay Friedman 2 comments

Expertly deep-fried chicken wings and an off-menu fried rice with beef dish help make Phnom Penh one of the best pitstops in Vancouver's Chinatown. More

Are Din Tai Fung's Soup Dumplings Worth the Wait?

Eating Asian Jay Friedman 13 comments

Taiwanese export Din Tai Fung, famed for its xiao long bao and long wait times, just opened their second location in the Seattle area. We stopped by for an early visit to see how the dumplings (plus a whole bunch of other dishes) stack up. More

Special-Occasion Soba Noodles for the New Year at Miyabi 45th in Seattle

Eating Asian Jay Friedman Post a comment

Mutsuko Soma makes noodles daily in traditional fashion, using a rolling pin and a soba knife. These fresh noodles find their way on the menu in many interesting incarnations. More

Karaoke, Cosplay, and Excellent Hot Pot at Twilight 7 Near Seattle

Eating Asian Jay Friedman 3 comments

A restaurant with waitresses in feather headbands and a booming karaoke business aimed at young people can't possibly serve good Chinese food. Can it? More

Sushi and Sashimi Still Satisfy at Old Schooler Musashi's in Seattle

Eating Asian Jay Friedman Post a comment

This longstanding Japantown favorite serves plenty of cooked dishes, but most people are there for the fish. Affordably priced sushi, sashimi, and chirashi all aim to please, with successful results. More

Thai Curry Fish Custard With a Twist at Noodle Boat Near Seattle

Eating Asian Jay Friedman 1 comment

Noodle Boat tackles a dish that I've found at only a couple of other places in the Seattle area: hor mok, traditionally a curried fish custard that's steamed in a banana leaf. Their "BKK" is stir-fried, rather than steamed, but it has a pleasantly eggy texture and a fantastic flavor, making this one dish worth the trip outside of city center. More

Must-Order Soup Dumplings and Wine Chicken at Long's Noodle House in Vancouver

Eating Asian Jay Friedman 5 comments

This Vancouver hole-in-the-wall is the kind of place where you look at everyone else's table, get tempted, then order whatever your neighbor is having. The two things you'll see at virtually every table are a steamer basket of xiao long bao (soup dumplings) and a ceramic crock of wine chicken. More

Dan Dan Noodles with a Southern Twist at Revel in Seattle

Eating Asian Jay Friedman 1 comment

What I love about dandan noodles is mixing up the bowl and then getting different flavors with each pull of the chopsticks. With Revel's Asian/Southern fusion version, some bites have pulled pork, some collard greens, some crispy crackling. More

Grilled Pork Belly and Gateway Korean Food at Kimchi House in Seattle

Jay Friedman 4 comments

Checking out the bibimbap, grilled pork belly, and more at this cheery family-run Korean newcomer in Seattle. More

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