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What to Do with Leftover Easter Eggs

You put all that effort into decorating and hiding the Easter eggs—now what? Eat egg salad sandwiches all week, but of course. The hard-boiled eggs should last about a week in the fridge. We've rounded up our favorite egg salad recipes (curried, Grandma's classic, and one with sardines) and when you get sick of those, there's always deviled eggs, Niçoise salad, and more. More

Emeril In An Egg

I'm not sure what cheers me up more this incredibly dreary, incredibly wet East Coast morning: that Louisiana's 2007 State Easter Egg has a tiny Emeril inside of it, or that there is a guy named Jacob out there somewhere who loves the Food Network so much that he's been running a blog called Food Network Addict since last June. (And yes, he has the photos from Iron Chef Cat Cora's FHM shoot.)... More

Lego My Egg

Like a Halloween costume for your Easter egg. Photograph by Rakka. I couldn't resist the obvious pun—or double-dipping into Lia's earlier post about the Master Shake Easter egg. Blogger Rakka also made the cool Lego-themed eggs above.... More

Master Shake Easter Egg

"Shake-zula, the mic rulah, the old schoolah you wanna trip, he'll bring it to ya," says Flickr user Rakka, who created this amazing Master Shake Easter Egg. Fans of Cartoon Network's Aqua Teen Hunger Force, is this not the best Easter egg of all time? We at Serious Eats love the rest of Rakka's Easter Eggs too though; Alaina likes the Lego eggs and I have a soft spot for the KISS eggs—nothing says "Happy Easter!" quite like Gene Simmons painted on an egg.... More

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