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Fast Food Chains in London That Should Be in America

Carey Jones 35 comments

A good chain restaurant, in my mind, doesn't necessarily serve the best version of a given food, in a given city. (Though it might!) What it should do is serve a reasonably tasty version of said food, reliably and at a reasonable price. In London, there are quite a number of chains that I wish would make their way stateside. Here are just a few. More

Boston: The Pop-Up Restaurant Trend

Meredith Smith 5 comments

Notable Boston chef Will Gilson and Aaron Cohen have organized a pop-up restaurant venture, Eat (@EatBoston). Of course, cooking in foreign kitchens and using a food truck to produce a five-course meal for 50-plus people comes with its own set of challenges. Are you willing to pay $60 for an event that, while singular and fun, will probably not knock your socks off food-wise? More

The Best Chocolate and Vanilla Pudding in New York

New York Ed Levine Post a comment

I was passing E.A.T. yesterday, and the siren call of Eli Zabar's overpriced but usually delicious food got the best of me. I ordered four items, all sweets; a quarter-pound of the fruit coffee cake ($3), a mini chocolate cupcake... More

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