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My Pie Monday: Rachetta, Pork Chop, Drunken Margherita, and Much More!

Happy MLK MPM! There must have been a lot of resolutions to get back in the My Pie Monday game because the galleries are chock full of gorgeous pies this week. Included in this weeks fourteen contributions we have a first time submission from spicedham (welcome!), biancas from jimmyg, a tomato pie from Imwalkin, dmcavanagh's pie's squared, a Sicilian from jkdrummer, and a tennis racket, stuffed-handle pie รก la Antonio Starita from dellavechia! And that's not even the half of it. Wait until you see the pies from the rest of this week's crew: olsonmatt, norma427, effanzo_mane, bierbeer, amusebouche1, Girl Loves Pizza, shimpiphany, and dynosaurus. More

My Pie Monday: Six Meat, Brussels Sprouts, Vegan, and Much More!

T.G.I.MPM! There is great pie variety represented in this week's collection. From WisconsinLimey we have a pie topped with six meats on one end of the topping spectrum, and from dynosauraus a vegan creation with "secret" cashew cheese on the other. Inspiration also comes in many forms, from pies inspired by friends, like Amusebouche1's pie in memory of his friend Ken, to those inspired by pizza greats, like TXCraig1's take on a Motorino favorite.Norma427 continues her experiments with neo-neapolitan pie, yielding a thicker crust in the vein of Sicilian-style pizza, Jimmyg keeps it simple with sausage and mushroom, and Maple1... More

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