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'A Unique Love Affair' with Deep-Fried Burgers, Indeed!

A Hamburger Today Adam Kuban 4 comments

If you have a dirty mind, this one might be NSFW: Related: Hamburger America visits Dyer's Burgers DYER'S BURGERS Address: 205 Beale Street, Memphis TN 38103 Phone: 901-527-3937 Link: Dyer's Mouth Explosion [YouTube; via So Good]... More

Top 10 U.S. Burgers, According to 'Playboy'

A Hamburger Today Adam Kuban 4 comments

My friend Jeff Ruby just had his Top 10 U.S. Burger List published in Playboy. No word on whether he dined with any of the Bunnies while researching this piece. Here's some of the ground he covered: Ann's Snack Bar,... More

The Best Fried Chicken in the World Might Be at Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken

Ed Levine 7 comments

When you love fried chicken as much as I do you get really bugged when Bon Appétit announces its three finalists in its search for the best fried chicken in the U.S. and Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken is not on the list. Not that the other three contenders, Blackberry Farm (Walland, Tennessee), Price's Chicken Coop (Charlotte, North Carolina), and Willa Mae's Scotch House (New Orleans) are not worthy of serious consideration. I have written lovingly of Willa Mae Seaton's wondrous fried chicken in GQ and Business Week. (Those stories don't appear to be online or else I'd link to them.) My friend John T. Edge, whom I trust implicitly in these matters (he did write the book on fried... More

Hamburger America: Dyer's Burgers

Adam Kuban 11 comments

Burger documentarian George Motz visits Dyer's Burgers in Memphis to investigate the joint's unique deep-fried hamburgers. "Back then, they didn't have the flat tops and all this, so they cook in a cast-iron skillet," Dyer's owner Tom Robertson says. "As you cook more burgers, the grease grows, and eventually it becomes a deep-fried hamburger. We strain and process our grease daily, but we've never thrown it out and started over, so somewhere in there's molecules from 1912. That's what makes it so good." Further Reading Dyer's Burgers [Roadfood.com] Hamburger America [Director George Motz's website] This clip is an excerpt from burger documentary Hamburger America by filmmaker and burgermeister George Motz. The complete video is available on DVD at Mr. Motz's... More

Top 15: George 'Hamburger America' Motz

A Hamburger Today Adam Kuban 12 comments

Our kick-off Best Burger List comes from George Motz, director of burger documentary Hamburger America. For his film, George crisscrossed the country looking for the perfect patty, the best buns, etc. You can order a DVD of the flick here.... More

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