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First Look: Dessert and Cocktail Pairing Menu at Firefly, Washington DC

For some inexplicable reason, cocktails and desserts pairings are not already a ubiquitous after dinner offering. Here to fix that are mixologist Jon Harris and chef de cuisine Todd Wiss at the Dupont Circle mainstay, Firefly. Launching one of the first dessert menus of its kind, each dessert is is paired with specially made cocktail to create a seamless flavor profile. More

Check Out DGS's Modern Take on Passover Dinner in D.C.

Chef Barry Koslow put together a four-course Seder that's a modern interpretation of the traditional family meal. "It's never really the idyllic, Martha Stewart meal, but it could be." Koslow envisions his Seder at DGS as a chance to have the traditional feast, but without the dysfunctional family. More

Bartender's Choice: What to Order At Firefly in Washington, DC

Anyone who's been to Firefly in Dupont Circle has been greeted by the large tree just inside the entrance. The tree establishes a storybook feel that's only been enhanced by Firefly's recent renovation. With more reclaimed wood, a kitchen fa├žade made to look like a cottage, and warm, overhead lighting designed to emulate the soft glow of a firefly, dining at Firefly feels even more like being deep in a thick forest than before. And the new bar manager, Jon Harris (formerly of The Gibson), has taken cues from the wilderness/fairy tale aesthetic in crafting the newly launched bar program. More

First Look: New Orleans Po Boy Shop in Dupont Circle, D.C.

The New Orleans Po Boy Shop is now open in Dupont Circle. If you don't have the time to fly down to Louisiana, New Orleans native and owner Cam McNair and manager Justin Snyder have you covered. True to its name, the Po Boy Shop offers 15 different po boys, including staples like roast beef with debris gravy, fried shrimp or oyster, and an andouille sausage. Like McNair, most of the ingredients are trucked in from New Orleans. More

So This Exists: Foie Gras Corn Dog at Urbana in D.C.

Could this be one of the most clever interpretations of foie gras around? They start with housemade foie gras sausages made with a mixture of chicken breast, foie gras, and pork fat back, added to a lamb casing. The sausages get dunked in a corn dog batter (made with white cornmeal, flour, baking powder, soda and buttermilk) and deep-fried. The finished dogs with a cornichon relish, housemade cognac mustard, and espelette pepper. More

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