'Dubai' on Serious Eats

We Tried Pizza Hut's Cone-Crust Creation in the Middle East

The Cone Crust Pizza from Pizza Hut Middle East is the daredevil design of the season, vying with the Cheeseburger Crown Crust for freakshow pizza supremacy. Our dedicated correspondent in Dubai didn't cower in the face of this cream cheese and chicken-stuffed beast, but dove right in to take you inside and deliver the scoop on the stunt pizza of the moment! More

Dubai: The Camel Burger (Yes, Burger Made of Camel) from Local House Doesn't Ride Up to the Hype

The rage that is camel burgers hit Dubai two years ago when Arabic restaurant Local House slid a camel patty into the hollow pocket of a khameer, traditional, pita-shaped leavened bread studded with sesame seeds. This innovative burger move garnered adulation from most major newspapers around the city, with practically every article raving about a surprisingly juicy patty that grunts back at misconceptions about camel meat being tough. Would I get to ride the same juicy, fat-free, exceedingly creative camel journey that the food reporters had embarked on? More

16 Top Ethnic Eats of Old Dubai

Here's a sampler plate of what Dubai has to offer—without the bling, the glam, the extravagance that this desert city has come to symbolize. These are the authentic, incredibly diverse flavors that can converge for someone who's willing to wind their way through the alleys of old Dubai and taste what's off the beaten, crystal-studded path. More

In Gear: Dubai Churns Out More Than Glitz

I came to Dubai full of excitement. I knew that it was the new capitol of glitzy luxury and indulgence, but I had gleaned from various sources that the city's souks (markets) were vibrant crossroads, redolent with the character of old Arabia, where one could procure just about anything. I was certain I would find all sorts of interesting and unfamiliar regional bits and pieces for kitchen and table. Unfortunately, after visiting nearly every souk on the Dubai map and all the narrow shop-lined streets in between, aside from a few chintzy mass-produced Arabian-coffee pots, I found little exceeding the inventory of any Chinatown or flea market back home. Then, just as I was reaching my threshold for oppressive... More

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