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Bottle This Salted Peanut Old Fashioned for a Party

Elana Lepkowski 4 comments

This ballpark-inspired cocktail is mixed in advance, chilled to ice-cold, and tossed ever-so-casually to your buddy as he or she walks in the door. No stirring and straining, no fancy glasses, no fiddling with garnishes or even ice. More

Salted Roasted Peanut Old Fashioned in a Bottle

Serious Eats Elana Lepkowski 4 comments

This bottled cocktail was inspired by the flavor of ballpark peanuts. The touch of salt works as a great balance to the sweet and savory roasted nuts, which are quickly infused in rye whiskey. More

A Vegan Green Tea Smoothie That's Great for Breakfast or Dessert

Lauren Rothman Post a comment

This subtly sweet smoothie gets a flavor boost from matcha powder and extra creaminess from frozen banana. More

Vegan Matcha-Banana Smoothie

Serious Eats Lauren Rothman Post a comment

This subtly sweet vegan smoothie makes the perfect summer breakfast: ultra-creamy with a hint of grassy green tea powder, it's delicious enough to double as dessert. More

A Beginner's Guide to Mead

Mike Reis 12 comments

First: You don't have to be a Viking to drink mead. You also shouldn't be afraid of the fact that mead is made from honey, and you don't have to relegate the drink to the dessert hour. More

A More Complex Scotch and Soda: Zucca Sprezzatura

Elana Lepkowski 1 comment

The slightly smoky side of Zucca makes it a perfect companion to Scotch in this delicious cocktail made fizzy with bitter lemon soda. More

Zucca Sprezzatura (Amaro and Scotch Highball)

Serious Eats Elana Lepkowski Post a comment

Rabarbaro Zucca Amaro, or 'Zucca' for short, leans toward the sweeter end of the bitter amaro spectrum, with a slightly smoky, earthy flavor that is the perfect companion for a little Scotch in this refreshing cocktail. More

New Standout Bitters to Add to Your Home Bar

Michael Dietsch 1 comment

From your traditional cherry and orange bitters to more esoteric styles such as hop and fig, here are some new cocktail bitters to seek out. More

8 Delicious Drinks to Make During Berry Season

The Serious Eats Team 1 comment

Work some berries into your happy hour repertoire. More

Coffee Science: How to Make the Best French Press Coffee at Home

Nick Cho 39 comments

Wondering how to make better coffee in a French press? Technique and tips, plus the science behind why this brewing method is a bit different from the rest. More

From the Blender: Tropical Paradise Green Smoothie

Carolyn Cope Post a comment

I maintain that green smoothies should be fun, friendly, and easy to like. This combination of frozen banana, fresh peach, coconut water (or pineapple juice), and mild but plentiful baby spinach is jazzed up with lime and cilantro. It's creamy from the banana and just the right thickness to sip through a straw. More

Tropical Paradise Green Smoothie

Serious Eats Carolyn Cope 1 comment

The balanced and decidedly tropical flavors of this friendly green smoothie are just the ticket to a relaxed state of mind. More

All Berry, No Seeds: The Secret to a Great Raspberry Spritz

Elana Lepkowski 1 comment

One of the best parts about late spring/early summer: berry season. One of the worst parts about berry season: picking seeds out of your teeth. More

Raspberry Spritz

Serious Eats Elana Lepkowski 1 comment

This low-alcohol cocktail allows you to capture the essence of raspberries without all those little seeds. More

Summer Drinks Around the World: 12 Regional Specialties You Might Not Know

Lauren Rothman 13 comments

It's time to break out of your lemonade rut and get to know a dozen of the world's favorite summer coolers. More

What to Drink on July 4th

The Serious Eats Team Post a comment

This Independence Day, you're going to throw the best party ever. We're certain of it—you'll cook awesome burgers on the grill and whip up some excellent sides. All that's left is finding something refreshing to wash it all down. More

Avocado, Mango, and Pineapple Smoothie

Serious Eats Lauren Rothman Post a comment

Summer's the time to break out the blender for morning smoothies—the weather's hot and the fruit is ripe. Get out of your berry-and-yogurt rut with this ultra-creamy smoothie using a usually-savory ingredient: avocado. More

10 Absinthes You Should Be Drinking

Emma Janzen 16 comments

Some of the best absinthes out on the market today, from traditional-style bottlings from France to boundary-pushing expressions made in the States. More

Why You Should Buy Tanqueray's New Old Tom Gin

Andrew Strenio 16 comments

This week, Tanqueray drinkers will find a new bottling on the shelf next to the familiar green bottle of London Dry: the distillery's spin on an Old Tom Gin, a once-extinct liquor that's poised to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight again. It's delicious stuff. Here's a bit more on Old Tom (and how to use it in cocktails.) More

Gin Daisy

Serious Eats Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

This gin cocktail is bright and tart, with delicate herbal and berry flavors and a pale pink color. More

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