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Hot Dog of the Week: Steve's Lunch in Cleveland, Ohio

Hot Dog of the Week Hawk Krall 9 comments

Steve's Lunch is a tiny 24-hour counter with about eight seats on a semi-abandoned block in Cleveland. Walking in on a rainy day to a couple of eccentric regulars shooting the breeze was like living inside a panel of American Splendor (an autobiographical comic book series by Cleveland native Harvey Pekar). Steve's has only closed for business a handful of times since 1955, either when Kennedy was shot, after 9-11, or once for Christmas, depending on which staff member or patron's story you choose to believe. More

Drew Carey Orders 45 Pizzas Shipped Cross-Country

Slice Emily Koh 4 comments

Guess California pizza just doesn't cut it for Drew Carey: the comedian loves the pizzas from Antonio's in Parma, Ohio, so much that he's having 45 pies delivered by UPS all the way to Los Angeles to celebrate the season finale of his CBS game show, The Price is Right. The order is a pricey $450, not including shipping. Talk about pizza loyalty...... More

In Videos: Drew Carey in 'Food Fight: Battle of the Bacon Dogs'

Raphael 3 comments

Reason.tv host Drew Carey takes a look at the illegal bacon hot dog trade in downtown Los Angeles. Selling bacon dogs without county-approved equipment can result in fines and jail time for vendors, creating an illicit black-market trade by unlicensed vendors. Video after the jump.... More

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