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Foie-lapalooza: 5 Ways to Eat Foie Gras in Montreal

Aaron Arizpe 5 comments

In MontrĂ©al, you don't find foie gras—it finds you. Order a stuffed pig's trotter and you'll find it inside. French fries might very well have it on top. French toast and foie gras? Sure why not. Check out these five foie-centric dishes, including a take on the Double Down at Joe Beef and poutine from Au Pied du Cochon. More

Double Down Showdown: KFC's New Doublicious

Fast Food John M. Edwards 11 comments

If the Big Mac is the fast food equivalent of Michael Jackson, the KFC Double Down is Justin Bieber. Think about it: the Big Mac is the most famous fast-food item of all time, but there was a time recently when the Double Down stole the show. In the wake of the Double Down's success, KFC wants to capitalize on its fame with the "Doublicious," a new iteration that re-incorporates that old sandwich staple: bread. More

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