'Don Chow Tacos' on Serious Eats

Street Food Profiles: Don Chow Tacos in Los Angeles, California

"Everyone likes Mexican food and everyone likes Chinese food, so why not combine forces?" [Flickr: R. E. ~] Name: Don Chow Tacos Vendors: Dominic Lau and Lawrence Lie. What do you sell? Chinese-Mexican fusion Twitter: @donchowtacos Location and hours: For now, Thursday through Saturday from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., but we are looking to expand. Tacos. [Flickr: R. E. ~] How long have you been street fooding? About eight months. How has Twitter affected business? Twitter is definitely a great communication tool that's changed the way people communicate—but the food is still the most important part. It's safe to say that Twitter has helped us attract a tech-savvy audience who can know exactly when and where we are at... More

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