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Ed's Cosmic Pizza Blab: Cheese

I know I am committing pizza purist heresy here, but I have to have a certain amount of saltiness emanating from the topping of the pizza. That means simple unadorned fiore de latte, or fresh unsalted mozzarella, or even buffalo mozzarella, on their own, unadorned with nothing added, do not cut it for me. So if a pizza is going to have only one kind of cheese as a topping, I prefer high-quality aged, low-moisture, whole milk mozzarella, which has a distinctly salty taste. Pizza police, I know I am going to become a wanted man with this proclamation, but so be it. I can take the heat. More

Christopher Kimball at Di Fara?

I spotted this shot on Facebook and couldn't help but wonder what it all meant. So I checked in with our man Andrew Janjigian, who just happens to 9-5 it at America's Test Kitchen. Turns out he took the photo and was on location during the filming of the video to be included on next season of the PBS show America's Test Kitchen. Andrew was there because his New York-style pie, beloved by us, is going to be one of the featured recipes in the season lineup. We will have to wait until the show airs to see what Chris and Dom got up to, but in the meantime, check out the other pictures from the shoot on the Di Fara's Facebook page. More

'Sup, Homeslice: We Talk to Andy Sachs, the Artist Who Painted Dom DeMarco

Two weeks ago, we showed you the new portrait of Dom DeMarco that now hangs in Di Fara. Today, we talk to Andy Sachs, the artist who painted it. —The Mgmt. There's obviously a lot of attention to detail in that painting. How long have you been a regular at Di Fara, and how long did you have to study Dom's ways to capture his likeness so well? I've been a loyal fan ever since I moved back to Brooklyn (from Plainview, Long Island) in 2001. I had a blind date who recognized that I lived only a few blocks... More

Dom DeMarco in Pizza Hall of Fame

PMQ, a trade magazine for pizzerias, will induct Di Fara's Dom DeMarco into its Pizza Hall of Fame tomorrow. From the Daily News: "Dom [DeMarco] has been at his ovens every day for decades," said [PMQ publisher Steve] Green. "He's so picky about everything—he'll have the place filled with customers waiting 20 minutes for him to make their pie, but he's oblivious to all that. They'll wait." The announcement was made at the 2009 International Restaurant and Foodservice Show at Javits Center this past weekend. Obviously Steve Green has never been to Di Fara. It would be nice if... More

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