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8 Great NYC Haute Dogs Worth The Extra Dough

New York Gracie Dulik 12 comments

We've seen our fair share of fancified hot dogs in this city, and frankly a lot of them feature overwrought, baroque toppings with underwhelming sausages. But a few stand apart as well thought-out creations that do right by the noble tubesteak. Which dogs (and dog-like objects) live up to the hype (and are worth the extra cash)? We rounded up some of our favorites. More

Lunch To-Go: Side Dishes at Dogmatic

New York Kathy YL Chan 1 comment

Dogmatic, right off Union Square, draws an impressive lunch crowd from nearby offices. Go early or go late, but try to avoid the noon-1pm hou,r where lines can go out the door. While Dogmatic is best known for a their variety of sausage dogs inserted into toasted rolls by Pain d'Avignon, most of which are indeed unique and quite good, many regulars make a habit of composing a meal from their side dishes. And these side dishes deserve more recognition. Four sides for $3.25 each, and fries for $2.95. More

Hot Dog of the Week: Dogmatic Gourmet Sausage System

Hot Dog of the Week Hawk Krall 6 comments

While technically not a hot dog, Dogmatic's locally sourced sausages—which are jammed into freshly baked mini baguettes with gourmet sauces like horseradish mustard, mint yogurt, and a truffle gruyere sauce—are a delicious alternative to the same old New York City street food. More

Where to Find Homemade Sodas

New York Grace Kang 5 comments

From left: Passionfruit-chili soda from Jean Georges' Perry Street. Photograph by kathyylchan on Flickr; Elderberry soda from Perry Street. Photograph by ulteriorepicure on Flickr For those who don't like commercial soda, don't drink alcohol, or just want some fizz... More

New York Times' $25 and Under, Sandwich and Hot Dog Edition

New York Robyn Lee 1 comment

Today the New York Times covers cheap sandwiches and hot dogs in Downtown Manhattan in their $25 and Under column, all of which we've conveniently reviewed on Serious Eats New York. Check out our reviews of Porchetta, Dogmatic, and... More

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