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Cook the Book: Maple Crème Caramel

This version of crème caramel uses reduced maple syrup in place of the traditional caramel to give it an uniquely Vermont accented flavor. The beauty of this dessert lies in its presentation. The custard is loosened from its cup and inverted onto a serving plate so that the maple caramel in the bottom of the ramekin drips down the sides and into a beautiful puddle. I'm not going to make a stink about Mrs. Butterworth's on my pancakes, but only Vermont maple syrup will do for this recipe. More

Cook the Book: 'Dishing Up Vermont'

I'm not sure most people can recall the state bird of Georgia but if you ask them what fruit is commonly associated with the state, "peach" should come out pretty fast. All states have strong ties with specific foods. Maine has lobsters, Idaho claims spuds, Wisconsin is known for cheese. Some states are more blessed than others when it comes to sheer depth of local bounty. Vermont is one of those lucky states. Wonderful maple syrup is just a tiny fraction of what Vermont has to offer. Vermont has been a pioneer in the local eating movement, especially with the formation of the Vermont Fresh Network back in the early 1990s. The goal of VFN was to bring farmers and... More

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