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Baconalia: Denny's Does Bacon 7 Ways

Last week, Denny's unveiled Baconalia—a 10-week celebration of everyone's favorite pork product. During those weeks, seven new limited-time offer menu items will feature bacon in ways both expected and unexpected: from a BLT and a bacon-packed breakfast plate to slightly wackier items like Bacon Flapjacks and Maple Bacon Ice Cream. After a trip down to South Carolina to experience Baconalia at Denny's World Headquarters, I headed out into the wild to try the dishes for myself. Any standouts? More

We Try The Denny's Fried Cheese Melt

Denny's generated a lot of buzz by introducing a grilled cheese with mozzarella sticks inside of it to its $4 Value Menu—two pieces of Texas toast, two slices of American cheese, and four mozzarella sticks in the middle. To some, even the idea might sound horrid and strange. Having eaten many hoagies with mozzarella sticks or chicken fingers inside at the Hoagie Haven in Princeton, New Jersey, this just seemed like a variation on a theme to me. But I wasn't looking forward to it. More

Video: Obama Drastically Scales Back Goals for America After Visiting Denny's

President Barack Obama had such high hopes for America...until he went to Denny's. Now he's aiming less for being a world leader and setting more reasonable goals for the American people: Before we reclaim global leadership, we must first stop eating six sausages and a pound of eggs covered in syrup for breakfast, and we must stop leaving the house in sweatpants. Is he asking for too much? Would you be willing to give up your mountainous plate of syrup-drenched sausages and eggs? Only time will tell. Watch the video after the jump.... More

In Videos: 'Pancake Island' Denny's Commercial

Like with their Nannerpus commercial, Denny's tempts me once again with a nonsensical commercial featuring a stack of pancakes and a catchy jingle that declares, "Pancake Island is the place to be / The sweetest syrup on the Seven Seas." Too bad Pancake Island isn't real. Watch the video after the jump.... More

In Videos: Nannerpus, Denny's Super Bowl Commercial

"It's Nannerpus!!!" It's...what? If I had watched the Super Bowl then I would've seen this Denny's commercial at the appropriate time, like before they gave away their advertised free Grand Slam breakfasts on February 3. But better late than never, as it took me about two seconds to fall in love with the eight-legged, mustachioed, pancake-loving banana. And even if the commercial is outdated, Nannerpus lives on at nannerpus.com, Twitter, and Deviant Art. Watch the video after the jump.... More

Denny’s All Nighter Campaign Appeals to Cool Emo Kids

Denny's All Nighter Denny's has been "feeding bands and music fans since 1953," but now they are hosting Warped Tour After Parties, running a music blog, adding "rock edge" and dimly lit ambiance to their restaurants late at night, and rolling out menu items designed by real rock stars. Music blog The Modern Age declares the Denny's All Nighter Menu, featuring dishes created by music groups, possibly "the greatest marketing idea of all time." Does anything sound more delicious, come a drunken and hungry nighttime, than Hearts on a Plate: heart-shaped pancakes covered in strawberry syrup and white chocolate chips, developed by Eagles of Death Metal’s Jesse Hughes? Or Taking Back Bacon Burger Fries: fries topped with all the... More

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