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Dear SE: Amazing Dim Sum in Toronto

Note: I just received this email from one of the most serious eaters I know, Steve Trost. Steve was in Toronto and had some serious dim sum. Tell us, Torontonians, did Steve find a winner? He certainly had me salivating. Did he miss anything? —EL In Toronto—see below. At Lai Wah Heen. No carts. All made fresh to order. Add to the list below (after the jump) an amazing sticky rice dumpling with crab meat and equally awesome steamed lobster dumpling stuffed with shrimp and finely diced veg with garlic and butter.There is nothing close in NYC in my eating experience. They also have a gourmet dim sum tasting but only for two at $45 per head, but I managed... More

Dear Serious Eats: Ba Lee Banh Mi in Carrollton, Texas

From the Serious Eats inbox, a moving story of one man's longing for banh mi fulfilled. Not the banh mi in question, but no less tasty, we're sure. Photograph by Robyn Lee Dear Serious Eats,Everyone in Serious Eats land has mentioned or had a banh mi at some point or another, but I’ve never been able to chime in because I have had no such luck. With folks in New York and California having an abundance of restaurants to choose from to find these tasty treats, it makes us folks down in Texas a bit jealous, until now. [Jealous? What about your awesome barbecue? —Ed.]Believe it or not there is a rather large Vietnamese population here in the Richardson and... More

Dear Serious Eats: 'Enough with the Damn Year-End Reviews!'

I was wondering when someone would express this sentiment. From the Serious Eats inbox ... Why the fuck did I read your site all year when it turns out I can just tune in this week and get an entire year's worth of shit in my RSS feeder? Enough with the damn reviews clogging things up. I can't find the new material for all this review shit. Stop it. Stop it now!—Holli on vacation with a damn Google reader clogged with stuff I've already seen... More

Dear Serious Eats: 'Check Out My Halloween Costume!'

Clicking in to the Serious Eats inbox, we've got ... Hey, Serious Eats! I love your website and just realized I am wearing a food-themed Halloween costume and wanted to share it with you guys!I'm a piece of flying fish roe, and the costume is completely homemade except for the dress! I also have chopsticks in my hair :)Well, keep up the good work! —S. B. The costume, after the jump.... More

Dear Serious Eats: 'I Have Searched for Years for This Recipe; Please Help'

We receive a lot of email through our contact page, most of which we deal with behind the scenes. But every now and then, something so good comes in that we have to share it. Today, a humdinger of a culinary mystery. Dear Serious Eats, In the late 1980s I found a recipe in a magazine (Southern Living, I think). The only thing I remember was that it had to be cooked in an iron skillet. It was made with flour, sugar, and eggs, I think. It was thin, about 1/2 inch. After it was done, I put fresh strawberries on it. I have searched for years for this recipe. Please help. —Helen... More

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