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Good Bread: Dean & DeLuca

If you want to judge the state of bread in New York, a good place to start is the bread counter at Dean & DeLuca's main store at Broadway and Prince Street. Here you find a wide selection of great loaves both haute and earthy, from the latest Manhattan artisan sensation to old school breads from the farthest reaches of the outer boroughs. More

Sugar Rush: Michel et Augustin

Dean & Deluca recently started carrying a wide range of shortbreads from Michel et Augustin, a French company I fell head-over-heels for on my last visit to Paris. And now, I've found them stocked in NYC; the shortbread cookies are sold in tiny boxes of six, $3 a box. More

Sugar Rush: Tipu's Chai

Organic black tea and non-irradiated spices make for vibrant, bold cup of chai, rich on the cardamom, nutmeg and fennel, and easily better than any I've found at a cafe. A suggestion to add grated ginger to milk before steeping is advice worth heeding, that small touch makes all the difference. More

The Best and Worst of Dean & Deluca's 15 Licorice Varieties

While perusing the aisles of Dean & Deluca a few days ago, I found to my delight, 15 different types of licorice sold in their bulk candy section. As I peered through the giant glass jars, I marveled at how many varieties I'd never even heard of. Licorice has always been one of my favorite treats. So much so that on Halloween, when all my friends would gather to trade our loot at the end of the evening as I would happily turn over my stock of Snickers bars for boxes of Good & Plenty, and receive star status for my peculiar tastes in candy. I thought I'd be able to handle all 15 without a doubt. Uh, I was wrong. More

When You Can't Get a Shamrock Shake Anymore: Dean & Deluca's Mint Chip Maltballs

My favorite ice cream of all time is Mint Chocolate Chip—it always has been, always will be. And when blended into a shake with a heavy-handed dash of malt powder, I'm in heaven. It's my version of a gourmet Shamrock Shake, that amazing blend of frozen vanilla soft serve, peppermint flavoring, and green dye at select McDonald's during St. Patty's time. So when I recently stumbled upon a tin of bright green Mint Chip Maltballs at Dean & Deluca, I was ecstatic. More

Sugar Rush: Berkshire Bark

Stacked between credit card bills and piles of magazines I'll never get around to reading, I received something in the mail last week that had me truly excited. Chocolate. More specifically, a sampling of chocolate bars from Berkshire Bark.... More

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