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Bake the Book: Old-Fashioned Cupcakes

These Old-Fashioned Cupcakes include all of the components of the classic Old Fashioned: whiskey, bitters, and orange. The cake here is an orange-scented cake that tastes just like that childhood favorite, the Creamsicle—that is, before you soak it in copious amounts of whiskey. The frosting includes both whiskey and Angostura bitters, incorporating all of the flavors of the Old Fashioned in a manner that's both concentrated and very true to form. And when it comes time to garnish, it's really a matter of how you like your Old Fashioned; your can either go with a sprinkling of sugared orange zest or a Maraschino cherry. More

Bake the Book: Beer Run Cupcakes

To up the testosterone in these manly cupcakes, Arrick has incorporated a duo that's more at home at your local bar than in a pastry shop: beer and pretzels. The beer here is your choice of stout, Guinness is good but a darker, more chocolaty stout is even better. Since the stout is baked into the cake base and swirled into the icing, you're looking for a stout full of roasty caramel-and-coffee notes. More

Bake the Book: 'The Butch Bakery Cookbook'

Cupcakes are not exactly what you'd call gender-neutral desserts. With their frilly frosting, lacy liners, and intricately decorated tops, these pint-sized cakes are decidedly girly. I mean, really, when's the last time you saw a big burly dude chomping down on a pastel buttercream-topped cupcake? That's why cupcake shop Butch Bakery specializes in—you guessed it—cupcakes with a masculine point of view. More

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