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We Chat with Chef Daniel Boulud on his 20th New York Anniversary

This month Chef Daniel Boulud celebrates the 20th anniversary of his first New York restaurant, Daniel. With seven restaurants covering a wide range of French cuisine in New York alone and another seven restaurants worldwide, the result of all that intensity and focus has given him much to celebrate. And while we've been given generous glimpses into the festivities, it was his reflections on the New York scene in those 20 years and his part in it that we were most curious about. Here's what we found out. More

What's the Weirdest Thing You've Ever Seen in a Fancy Restaurant?

I read Frank Bruni's hilarious piece on the weird things people do in fancy-pants restaurants, and, ever since, I've been trying to compile my own list of the way-out-of-the-ordinary or downright aberrant behavior I have witnessed at white-tablecloth spots. I am coming up empty. I have missed out. I've never seen anyone having sex or stripping or offering gratis caviar to tables. And damn it, I feel deprived. I think it would be fun to witness some shenanigans at Daniel or Per Se or the French Laundry or Alinea or Le Bec Fin. I long to watch three attractive women strip down to their panties and take a dip in the pool at the Four Seasons. In fact, that floor... More

Daniel Boulud Settles Bias Lawsuit

According to the New York Times: Daniel Boulud, one of New York’s most celebrated chefs, agreed yesterday to settle a federal lawsuit that accused him of discriminating against nonwhite employees, charges that have led to two years of demonstrations at... More

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