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The Best Barbecue Pork Ribs in Manhattan

New York James Boo 25 comments

Has New York become a rib town? We set out to answer this by trying seven pork ribs in Manhattan. Who runs the best rack-et in this city? And how do these ribs stack up to other ribs on the barbecue trail outside of New York City? More

Adam Perry Lang's Grilling Tips

Claire Sellers 1 comment

"I'll soak chips for 15 minutes or so, chunks for an hour or so, and logs, if they’re really dry, for up to six hours. But my preference is chunks." This week's grilling tips come from Adam Perry Lang, a remarkable chef who is as well-versed in pot au feu as he is pit smoking (and everything in between). This wide span of knowledge comes from a decade spent with some of the greatest chefs and restaurants in the world, from Restaurant Guy Savoy in Paris to the renowned Daniel and Le Cirque in Manhattan. Eventually Adam landed a job as a private chef, which had him jet-setting all over the world and allowed him to spend a life-altering summer... More

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