'Dairy Queen' on Serious Eats

Point/Counterpoint: On Dairy Queen Coming to Manhattan

News broke last week that Dairy Queen will be opening in Union Square later this month (its first New York City location outside of Staten Island), and once the Serious Eats office heard, well, let's say things got heated. After words were exchanged and tongues were stuck out, native Midwesterner Jamie Feldmar and native New Yorker Max Falkowitz retreated to their desks to write out their debate in more civilized terms. Their debate is reprinted here. More

Dairy Queen's Caramel Delight Pie Blizzard

It's deceptively simple: "Vanilla soft serve blended with caramel, choco chunks, and pie pieces, all crowned with whipped topping." Based on that description, it doesn't sound like it should be anything special. And at first glance, it's not. But under that pile of whipped topping is a Blizzard that's loaded with plenty to get excited about More

Dairy Queen's Blizzard Turns 25

When it comes to fast-food dairy desserts, I'll take a DQ Blizzard over a McDonald's McFlurry or a Wendy's Frosty any day of the week. And, if the Blizzard fan club is any sign of things, I'm not alone. This year the Blizzard celebrates its 25th birthday and as part of Blizzard Customer Appreciation Week (April 19 to 25) participating Dairy Queens are offering a buy one any-size Blizzard and get a second one for a quarter. Are you able to get your Blizzard fix where you live? What's your favorite flavor? More

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