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Spotted: Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwiches in Washington DC

Sweets Brian Oh 1 comment

Doughnut mania in DC continues. With a number of doughnut and fried chicken operations popping up, the next doughnut-plus iteration was never far off, which, obviously, is the doughnut ice cream sandwich. More

So This Exists: Spherified Sake Dai-drop at Daikaya, Washington DC

Drinks Brian Oh 5 comments

The Dai-drop ($7 each; 6 for $35) is a high-minded take on a decidedly low brow imbiber's pasttime. Using a compound of calcium chloride and sodium alginate (a naturally occurring substance derived from brown algae), the sake is encapsulated within a thin film that bursts under light pressure. Just be careful when you drink it. More

First Look: The Izakaya at Daikaya in Washington D.C.

Brian Oh 3 comments

Hot on the heels of its ramen shop downstairs (check out our first look here), Daikaya has recently opened an izakaya, which draws from the flavors of traditional Japanese bar snacks while adding its own unique flair. Take a peek at the food! More

First Look: Sapporo Style Ramen at Daikaya, Washington DC

Brian Oh 1 comment

After four years of planning, a three-week pilgrimage to Sapporo in Japan to train under a ramen master, and a solid year of rabid anticipation by Washingtonians, Daikaya finally opened behind the Verizon Center in February. Daikaya, which, fittingly, translates to "house of large cooking pot," serves Sapporo style ramen from the northern Hokkaido region of Japan More

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