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My Pie Monday: Mini Pizzas, Mortadella, Marinara Pizza and More!

Mmmm... My Pie Monday! This week's entries include a first stab at a clam pie by thearrogantchef, a delightfully colorful warm goat cheese and roasted beat pie from amusebouche1, a pizza made with homemade sausage and peppers from jimmyg, and a mortadella topped pie from Norma427's tireless quest to perfect her Reinhart hybrid. The marinara pizza featured in Adam's Slice review of Forcella inspired DYJ to make one of his own, and Jamesws took a cue from Pizzeria Oceano in xxx and modeled one of his four mini pizzas after their 'Black and White'. Your sure to find inspiration for your own pies after taking a glimpse at these. More

My Pie Monday: DYJ's Conventional-Oven Pie

[Photographs: DYJ] DYJ sent in these highly appetizing photos of a pie baked in a conventional oven at maximum heat. Maybe next time we'll get lucky and he'll mail us a real pie! Here's what he had to say for My Pie Monday: This is a pie I did a while back. The crust is Peter Reinhart's NYC dough. The sauce is his crushed tomato sauce recipe with San Marzano tomatoes. The toppings are my rendition of Fogo 2 Go's Alexa from the a May 12 Slice post. The pizza was cooked on a stone on the bottom rack... More

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