'DRY soda' on Serious Eats

DRY Soda: When You Want A Seltzer-Soda Middle Ground

We drink a lot of seltzer at Serious Eats—a lot. Helps hydrate between the short rib sandwiches, the cupcakes, and the wine tastings. But as appreciators of flavor, we're always trying to jazz it up a bit; recently, I've been on a cranberry-bitters-in-the-seltzer kick; others have long been fans of the "little bit of juice, whole lot of bubbly water" route. Which is why I think we all took to DRY Soda so quickly. This Seattle-based company makes not-too-sweet soda that's sweetened with cane sugar, in sophisticated flavors like rhubarb, cucumber, and juniper berry, at around 45-70 calories per bottle. More

Taste Test: Orange Soda

Some orange sodas are made with real orange juice, while others are a delightful combination of sodium benzoate, sodium hexametaphosphate, and wood rosin. But do the natural ones come out on top in a blind taste test? We tasted 12 brands of orange soda—was your favorite a winner? More

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