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First Look: The Corner Door in Los Angeles

On a quickly changing stretch of Washington Boulevard, between downtown Culver City and Venice Beach, stands Corner Door. The restaurant, which just opened right nextdoor to neighborhood favorite Waterloo & City, features chef Luke Reyes (formerly of Tasting Kitchen) and cocktail-crafter Beau du Bois (of MB Post). Take a peek at the housemade charcuterie, pickled vegetables, roasted chicken, and more of the new menu. More

Hangover Helper: Corned Beef Hash at S & W Country Diner, Los Angeles

Two things are unequivocally true about S & W: the breakfast menu is expansive, and the word is already out. Waves of weekend patrons crash against the pantry walls. First the Sun Risers, then the Active Mothers of Small Children, followed by Cops and Other People Who For Some Reason Are Up As Early As Cops. Luckily, they've all mostly cleared out by brunch o'clock, which means a short wait is all that separates you from plastic tablecloths and the necessary ingredients to cure what ails ya. More

Daily Slice: Café Livre, Los Angeles

The Zucchini, Slow Roasted Corn, Tomato Sauce, Gruyere Cheese and Basil ($12) is the highlight of the coca menu. Traditionally, cocas are topped with an array of items, but caramelized onions are frequently in the mix. Instead, Chef Zadi brings sweetness to this dish with the sugary crunch of slow roasted corn. More

Los Angeles: Tito's Tacos, a Nostalgic Hard-Shell Taco Stand in Culver City

Tito's Tacos, the eponymous taco takeaway stand with the catchy late-night jingle, is a place for all manner of youthful taco nostalgia. Looming in the shadow of the 405 on Washington Place in Culver City, Tito's has a longstanding tradition of serving up the tacos that you and I may recall fondly from our childhood. It's just that, well, some things are better left to memory. More

A Sandwich a Day: Breakfast Burger at L'Epicerie Market, Los Angeles

Tucked beneath a loft building on an unassuming corner just outside of downtown Culver City, soccer moms, movie studio execs, Los Angeles Times food critic S. Irene Virbila and schmucks like me mingle in the causal café setting of L'Epicerie Market. This neighborhood joint sports one of the best happy hours in the area—with glasses of French wines and snacks priced at only $3 each—but more importantly, they make one of the best breakfast sandwiches on the Westside. More

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