'Culinary Institute of America' on Serious Eats

Celebrating Japanese Food at the CIA's Worlds of Flavor Conference in Napa

The 39 Japanese chefs who came to the Culinary Institute of America's Napa Valley campus joined other culinary experts to sell their love of Japanese food. Panelists included Ruth Reichl, Harold McGee, David Chang, Iron Chef Morimoto, and many Japanese culinary legends. Food is clearly serious business in Japan, particularly seafood. We learned that while Japan is smaller than California, due to its coastal jaggedness, it has fifty percent more coastline the entire United States. More

Blogging His Life at the CIA (Culinary Institute of America)

Chefs at culinary schools have gotten a bad rep. We tend to think of them as talented but downright terrifying, exactly the way Jonathan Dixon portrays them in his new blog, 19 Months. Dixon just started cooking school at the CIA, and in his second post he writes about trying to de-bone a fish while an angry instructor looms over his shoulder: When this guy cuts a fish, the flesh seems to just swim away from its body. The bones and ribs are bare, and you can hear a chorus of mermaids and sirens singing through the mists. He stared me down. He was about six inches from me; I could feel either heat or hostility radiating off of him.... More

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