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10 Must-Eat Bites in Havana, Or That Week I Spent in Cuba

Ed Levine 14 comments

The food in Havana can be, shall we say, challenging. The state-run restaurants don't exactly demand greatness from cooks and servers. That said, I could not come home from seven insanely interesting and fascinating days in Havana without giving you serious food suggestions should you be lucky enough to figure out a way to get to Havana. Check out the churros, the pork (sold by the kilo), and more. More

Could This Havana Pizzeria Be One of the Best Restaurants in the City?

Slice Ed Levine 20 comments

Pizza in Havana is kind of the ultimate good news, bad news, proposition. The good news is that there is lots of it. In fact it's ubiquitous, on every street in tiny kiosks or vestibules where the pizza is not on view, it seems to emerge after you order it from some central oven shrouded in mystery. The bad news is that most of it is of frozen pizza quality. More

Havana Burger: Hold the Government

A Hamburger Today Hamburglar Hadley 4 comments

Despite humble origins on the steppes of Mongolia or in Germany, the hamburger as we know it is a distinctly North American phenomenon. The ground beef 'n' bun combo we adore rates with rock n' roll, baseball, apple pie,... More

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