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My Pie Monday: The Wackiest Pies of 2011

This week's My Pie Monday is a special edition featuring some of the craziest pies that your fellow Slice'rs created in 2011. The pies that arrive in the Slice mailbox each week are a source of constant inspiration. There's a lot of personality that comes through in the various styles and toppings. Here we have some of the wackiest ones to pass through the galleries this year! We'll be back to our regular MPM schedule as of next week. Look for any pies submitted between the 16th and 29th of December to appear in a deluxe New Year's post then.... More

My Pie Monday: Ground Cherries, Bacon Chutney, Buffalo Chicken Alfredo and More!

Oh, My Pie Monday, you never come too soon! This week we have two first time submissions, from what looks like some pretty seasoned pizza-makers. Paralleli's pie shows off a spectrum of tomatoes paired with bacon, and the other newcomer, PizzaPartito, also works bacon into the equation along with some ground cherries and caramelized onions. Speaking of bacon, check out the bacon chutney! on TXCraig1's jalapeño jack pie. Oh and not to be left out, Jimmyg even slips some porky slabs onto his tiered-topping pizza bianca. In the non-bacon class, we have a Buffalo chicken alfredo pie from Ev that would make a even the anti-chicken pizza people say no to a slice. There's an envy-inducing Luigi's replica by Norma. Crayfish has a vibrant Green Zebra tomato topped Margherita and Amusebouche1 elegantly crowns his French-y pizza with an oeuf. More

Is Louisiana Seafood Safe?

This week I talked to fisherman and oystermen in Louisiana's Bayou Country about the current state of seafood. The short answer: there was no consensus. While the oil spill caused serious environmental damage, the greater challenge is combating the negative press about Gulf seafood. Here's what they had to say. More

My Pie Monday: Crazy Oven Edition

This week, Slice'rs cooked some awesome-looking pizza...on some crazy-looking ovens. First up: Crayfish experiments with cooking pizza in a pottery kiln. Then we've got BiereBeer with a bacon-and-Brussels-sprouts pie cooked in an old wood-fired oven. (Bonus oven shot included.) And Ronzo is using a homemade Little Black Egg pizza oven. More

All About Crawfish

I ate some fantastic crawfish over Easter weekend. Crawfish boils are a Easter tradition in Louisiana, and that makes sense, since the season typically begins in March and ends in June. As a New Orleans resident and the author of Eating New Orleans, Pableaux Johnson is an expert on such matters. Here, he aptly describes the tradition: ... [A] backyard crawfish boil—a traditional Easter event throughout Louisiana—is an epic affair involving 40-pound sacks of wriggling crawfish and bubbling cauldrons big enough to be stirred with canoe paddles. Unlike a New England lobster boil, where ingredients fit into a single grocery sack, Louisiana crawfish boils require planning and a pickup truck, used to transport a makeshift outdoor kitchen. Read the rest... More

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