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This Rustic Apple-Cranberry Pie Is So Darn Easy it Doesn't Even Need a Pie Plate

Not much can trump a freshly made fruit pie with homemade pie dough. But let's be honest, few of us ever feel like making one. For me, a rustic pie—if you want to be fancy you can call it a galette—is a heck of a lot less stressful and no less satisfying. This one has a deep, concentrated apple flavor dotted with tart cranberries and a warm, flaky crust that doesn't get soggy as it sits. More

Drink Your Cranberries This Thanksgiving

Cranberry cocktails don't get much respect. Perhaps that's because they tend to be pretty boring: just sweetened juice spiked with whatever booze is handy. While cranberries are one of fall's signature flavors, a cranberry-vodka or a Sea Breeze feels a little too summery. And a bit too casual for serving at the holiday dinner table. But this cranberry cocktail, enriched with sherry and a splash of rum, is a different beast altogether. More

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