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Market Scene: Mercado de Coyoacán, Mexico City

The first thing that caught our eye upon walking into the market was some beautiful huitlacoche still on the cob at Local (Stall) #88. We'd seen some loose huitlacoche at an improvised stall on the street on our way there, and had been impressed. There was a good variation in the size and color of the pieces, and there was no sign of dampness or sogginess. Mark explained that these were key characteristics to look for in good huitlacoche. Miguel Ángel, who was manning Local #88 that day, was selling his product for 100 pesos (about $8) per kilo. More

Mexico City: Shopping at the Coyoacán Market for Salsa and Huitlacoche Quesadillas

Coyoacán is a quaint, peaceful neighborhood in the south of the city. Often billed as a sort of Mexican Greenwich Village, it has the feel of a small, vibrant town— probably because for most of its history, it was. Our main order of business was visiting the market. On our shopping list: masa quebrada (masa that's been stone ground by hand), salsa prepared in molcajete (a Mexican mortar and pestle made of volcanic rock), and quesadilla filled with huitlacoche (corn smut). More

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