'Corby Kummer' on Serious Eats

Video: Corby Kummer and Robert Paarlberg Discuss Food Politics on Bloggingheads.tv

In this episode of Bloggingheads.tv, the video blog where all kinds of thinkers go head-to-head on issues, Corby Kummer, editor of the Atlantic's Food Channel blog, and Robert Paarlberg, a political science professor at Wellesley, discuss many serious food policy issues. Paarlberg is the author of a new book called Food Politics (not to be confused with the Marion Nestle one). In this 45-minute chat (yeah, it's pretty long) the two tackle topics like organic farming vs. using synthetic soil, and whether or not you can really prescribe one mode to feed a lot of people. More

'The Atlantic' Food Site Launches Today

The always thoughtful Corby Kummer enters the realm of food blogs with today's launch of The Atlantic's Food Channel (the always high-minded Atlantic calls all of their blogs channels for some reason). Note to Corby and all the other folks at the Atlantic: blog is not a four-letter word. Welcome, Corby, and thanks for the shout-out on your welcome post. The list of contributors, which includes Zingerman's Ari Weinsweig, Alinea chef Grant Achatz, and nutrition and food politics guru Marion Nestle, is impressive, and we look forward to conversing with each one of them in due time.... More

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