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The Ghetto Gourmet: Cookin' with Coolio

"The man really does warrant the title of ultimate kitchen pimp." [Photographs: Coolio then and now.] Disclaimer: This post contains some NSFW language. Coolio's Favorite Chicken Wings View the complete recipe here » Most of you might remember mid-Nineties hip-hop sensation Coolio for his hit singles Gangsta's Paradise and Fantastic Voyage. But in recent years Coolio has found another audience—not on the mic but behind the stove as host of his cooking videos Cookin' with Coolio. As the self-proclaimed "ghetto Martha Stewart" and the "black Rachael Ray," Coolio got his start in the kitchen at an early age. Without necessities (as basic as a refrigerator) and using bare-bones staples like canned tuna, hot sauce, and white bread, Coolio quickly learned... More

Video: Coolio Makes Deep-Fried Turkey

What is rap star (and now cookbook author) Coolio's mantra for perfect turkey? "The mo' injections, the merrier." He recommends botoxing your bird with a syringe filled with tequila, diced garlic, "regular Italian dressing," a dollop-uh (the Coolio pronunciation of dollop) of honey, balsamic vinegar, pepper (measured in dime bags not teaspoons), soy sauce, and few other pantry items. After plumping up the bird ("It went from a B-cup to a D-cup!") Coolio throws it into the deep-fryer. But he warns, and this video is just full of life wisdom, do not fry the bird indoors. You will burn down your house and have to buy a new one. Watch the video, after the jump.... More

Q&A with Coolio, 'The Ghetto Gourmet'

American rapper Coolio recently expanded his résumé to include "cooking show host" with his web show Cookin with Coolio. As the "ghetto gourmet," he aims to "use foods that poor people can afford" in his recipes, which he demonstrates with his inimitable Coolio-style. Although he only has three recipes up so far, each one is for a different audience: Coolio Caprese Salad is to please the ladies, Fork Steak & Heavenly Ghettalian Garlic Bread is for broke college students, and Spinach Even Your Kids Will Eat is for kids who won't eat their vegetables. Check out his latest video each Wednesday to see what he comes up with next. Serious Eats asked Coolio a few food-related questions to get a... More

In Videos: Cookin with Coolio: Coolio Caprese Salad

Get yo' ass to the table—Coolio's in the kitchen and he wants to teach you how to make his caprese salad. To please the ladies. ...Or whoever else you want to feed a salad to. Watch the kitchen magic after the jump and make sure to click on the video to read the ingredients and instructions. Let's just say it's not your typical recipe. (Warning: NSFW.) [via Eater]... More

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