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Comment of the Day: Hamburger Cleanse

"I would like everyone at SE to know that I am on Day 2 of my hamburger cleanse and it is going well. I usually don't feel hungry at all for up to four hours, and then I find myself in the kitchen struggling to adhere to a strict diet I read about in my dreams one afternoon while napping. I can only consume tea, bread, onions, mayo, and oh yeah, ground beef." More

Quote of the Day: Glide on the Pizza Train

Quote of the Day"You know what they need to start? A food train trend. So get this — you get one train car, an old one that is fueled by a wood-burning engine. Here's the genius — the wood would also power the wood-fired pizza oven! I know nothing about pizza ovens or trains, but that sounds like it would be easy to rig. Maybe the people at Kesté or Grimaldi's in NYC can figure that out." —Aziz Ansari, in Bon Appétit More

Recursive Pizza Code

Cycorider coded this up for us in the comments of one of the recursive pizza posts from earlier this week. Figured I'd break it out here on the front page for everyone to see: food eatPizza (bool hungry) { string review = ""; string toSeriousEats = "http://slice.seriouseats.com"; order(pizza); eat(pizza, hungry); if (hungry) { eatPizza(hungry); } else { write(review); print review; return toSeriousEats; } }... More

Comment of the Day: How To Eat Totino's Pizza Rolls

"OK, heres the trick to eating them. Cook until they are starting to burst, that ensures a quality 'crispness.' Pick up a single pizza role by a corner with your fingers, then bite off all other exposed corners. Finally, blow into one of the newly opened corners and heat will get forced out the other corners. You can then eat immediately. Enjoy." LLToddJ, on "Totino's Pizza Rolls: How Can You Not Love Them?" More

Comment of the Day: Fried Okra, Texan Style

"A much easier way to make it though (and this is the way that most Texas mothers and grandmothers that I know cook it), is to merely toss the sliced okra in a bowl with cornmeal and salt, and then throw it in a pan with hot oil. Fry it until the cornmeal is golden, and remove the okra to a plate covered in some paper towels in order to let it drain. You'll have some delicious, crispy, salty, wonderful fried okra to show for not very much effort at all!" misplacedtexan, on "Cook the Book: Fried Okra" More

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