'Combos' on Serious Eats

Taste Test: Every Flavor of Combos

Created in the '70s, Combos have become a staple of rest stop gas stations, marketed as the perfect driving food—75% of all Combos sales occur in gas stations, according to statistics I just made up. We went ahead and tasted all the different flavors for you, with the exception of Zesty Salsa. It seems that the entire Eastern seaboard is is out of Zesty Salsa. More

Ode to Combos

In a recent poll Slice readers indicated a surprising love for pizza flavored Combos®. Combos® currently makes two pizza variations of the tubular, cheese-filled snack: Pizzeria Pretzel and Pepperoni Pizza Cracker. Seeing your enthusiasm for this snack inspired me to investigate these savory morsels a little more closely. Check out all things from the land of the "Combovore:" Homepage: combos.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/combos Facebook: http://facebook.com/combos What are Combos®? Why, they are crunchy cheese-filled tubes of cracker, pretzel or tortilla of course. The original salty, savory snack and all of the variations thereof were developed internally in the mid '70s at... More

Cakespy: Chocolate-Filled Pretzel Nuggets

Guess what? Today is National Pretzel Day. But how to celebrate? On the one hand the answer is painfully obvious—eat pretzels. But what kind of pretzels? Well, here's a suggestion for those who like plenty of sweet with their salty: chocolate-filled pretzel nuggets. These pillow-like nuggets are sort of like Combos meet chocolate-covered pretzel—that is to say, the pinnacle of sweet and salty pretzel perfection. More

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Combos

Photograph from Two Bites in Suburbia Good morning, serious eaters. To start the day, I submit to you these bacon, egg, and cheese Combos. I have to say, I can't think of a better breakfast combo than bacon, egg, and cheese, but I'm groggily freaking out about these things. They're at once compelling and repulsive. I can't help but wonder if Ed Levine would consider replacing the baked potato chips in his ideal diet breakfast with these. Probably not. But that gets me thinking about weird breakfasts. The most unconventional breakfast I've done in recent memory has been cold pizza—though that's not really too far out there. Maybe the cold-pizza omelet I made on the advice of a friend?... More

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