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Latin Cuisine: Five Ingredient, One Pot, 30-Minute Colombian Chicken Stew

This is the first—and probably tastiest—dish that my wife ever taught me how to cook from her home in Bogotá, high in the mountains of Colombia. The Capital city of 10 million people sits in a valley at over 8,000 feet above sea level, which means that the pressure cooker is a staple in pretty much every kitchen. This extraordinarily simple chicken and potato stew uses just five ingredients (ok, seven if you count salt and pepper), but the flavor that comes out after a brief cook under pressure is complex, rich, and filling. More

Latin American Cuisine: How To Make Colombian Style Shrimp Ceviche Cocktail

It's totally understandable that my future wife thought that I might judge her (not to mention her culture and her cuisine) for serving me cooked shrimp dressed with a mixture of bottled mayonnaise and ketchup, served on top of Saltine crackers, no less. And really, that's all that Colombian-style shrimp cocktail is. And yet, it's much, much more. Fragrant with onions and lime juice with a hint of heat and a bright acidity, the best shrimp cocktail should have tiny shrimp that are totally packed with flavor while maintaining a tender, nearly crisp bite to them. More

Latin American Cuisine: Colombian Arepas

The most basic arepas in the Bogotá region are made with starchy white corn flour pressed into cakes about 1/4-inch thick then griddled. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. You'll find arepas stuffed with cheese and baked on hot stones in coal-fired ovens. Arepas with sour milk cheese worked right into the dough. Arepas made like a pancake with sweet corn on a hot griddle. Golden yellow deep-fried puffy arepas split open and stuffed with an egg. Tiny arepitas eaten as a snack. Move out of Colombia into Venezuela, and you'll find thicker arepas split open and stuffed with fillings ranging from cheese and beans to pork or shrimp. More

Hot Dog Of The Week: Perro Caliente

[Photographs and original artwork: Hawk Krall] This week's dog is perhaps one of the craziest things I've ever eaten in my life. After first reading about Colombian hot dogs, I assumed they were just a variation on Mexican hot dogs. Boy was I wrong. The Perro Caliente is something totally different. With no plans to visit South America anytime soon, I was happy to discover that Queens in New York has plenty of Colombian fast food restaurants serving various incarnations of the Perro Caliente.... More

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