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Coffee Chronicles: Van Leeuwen Artisanal Ice Cream...or Coffee?

Drinks Liz Clayton 6 comments

Just in case you were worried: the ice cream community is finally taking coffee more seriously. And the latest entrant into the NY cafe game is, indeed, another ice cream parlor. Truck-famous Van Leeuwen Artisanal Ice Cream has opened their second retail storefront in Brooklyn, this time in the arguably coffee-underserved section of Cobble Hill. More

Coffee Chronicles: Upcoming Events

New York Liz Clayton Post a comment

Now that the first taste of spring has lapped at our heels, New Yorkers may be looking forward to brighter things again—like exciting events in the city's coffee scene! When better to dust off the ol' Chemex and give her a whirl again than after one of these motivating events? More

Coffee Chronicles: 'New York's Best Coffee' iPhone App

Drinks Liz Clayton 3 comments

To stay on coffee's cutting edge, and because modernity requires us to never have to remember anything for ourselves again, there's now an app for locating the best quality-focused NYC cafe near where you are right now. Or where you're going later. Or if you like to drop in on roasteries, too. More

Coffee Chronicles: Modca Warms Up Williamsburg

Drinks Liz Clayton 1 comment

People in luxury condos need fantastic coffee, too, and the owners of hip hideout El Beit are no strangers to supplying what's in demand. Their new shop, Modca, fills a needed niche in the increasingly fancy part of Williamsburg that even its around-the-corner neighbor, Blue Bottle, can't satiate. More

Coffee Chronicles: Joe Corners Columbia University

New York Liz Clayton Post a comment

It's not quite like getting a macchiato at the North Pole, but to many, the freshly opened Joe coffee bar at Columbia University heralds a new day in the Manhattan coffee scene, offering a selection of espresso and manually brewed coffees at unforeseen latitudes. More

Coffee Chronicles: Downtown Brewdown

New York Liz Clayton Post a comment

Can man or woman truly defeat coffee? Trend-setting RBC NYC Coffee, located well out of any discernible tattoo district at 71 Worth Street, aims to find out this Thursday at an event as geeky and brew-forward as any New York's coffee scene has seen. More

Coffee Chronicles: Craftbar and Dallis Serving Up Coffee Squab

New York Liz Clayton 2 comments

Truly adventurous coffee explorations are still rare birds even in a food city like ours, but next week will see another brave stab at the intriguing intersections between coffee and fine dining. More

Coffee Chronicles: Nolita Mart

Drinks Liz Clayton 1 comment

Though I don't usually take my sophisticated coffee beverages in at places named "Mart", surprising Mott Street newcomer Nolita Mart may be a good candidate to change that. More

Coffee Chronicles: Café Grumpy LES Coming Soon

Drinks Liz Clayton 2 comments

NYC coffee pacesetter Café Grumpy is growing again—despite repeated verbal reluctance to do just that. 2011 will see the Brooklyn-based roaster open their fourth cafe (and second Manhattan location), on the formerly underserved and soon-to-be-overserved Lower East Side, on Essex Street. More

Coffee Chronicles: Higher Palate Education

Drinks Liz Clayton 5 comments

Though the class is still being developed for New York and other cities, let's hope extensions of the professionals-only series evolve for coffee enthusiasts as well—everyone should have the chance to taste a potato-flavored defective coffee bean, after all. More

Coffee Chronicles: New Amsterdam Market Goes Coffee Crazy

Drinks Liz Clayton Post a comment

After months of offering coffee service from a handful of select local vendors (like Stumptown, Blue Bottle and Intelligentsia), the "coffee, cocoa and oranges" themed weekend brought together coffee pushers from around the region to cup, teach, and brew. More

Coffee Chronicles: Coffee Nerd Shopping Guide

Drinks Liz Clayton 2 comments

Whether it's out of the sheer pleasure of giving or the dire need to improve the coffee situation at your parents' house over the holidays, the time is upon us to seek out some of the best most giftable coffee toys. And whether your price point is a bag of beans or a $200 grinder, coffee gifts are the best gifts—many of them far less annoying to fit in your checked bag than a pizza stone. More

Coffee Chronicles: Upcoming Events

New York Liz Clayton Post a comment

Because nobody has enough to do this time of year, why not take some time to further your coffee education? Though you can taste dozens of amazing coffees on your own in New York City, there's really nothing like... More

Coffee Chronicles: East Broadway To Become "Coffee Alley"

New York Liz Clayton 1 comment

On the heels of its quiet Sunday dominance of the Hester Street Market and a soft weekend opening, Dora NYC is up and running on the Lower East Side at 221 East Broadway. More

Coffee Chronicles: Serious Eats Office Coffee Meta-Makeover!

Drinks Liz Clayton 27 comments

The great crusade of the coffee nerd is to try to get the good word across to the food people. It should be so easy, right? Sure, these people understand flavor, nuance, deliciousness, and think about all that farm-to-table blahbetty blah all the time. So why are they drinking stale deli coffee? As Serious Eats: New York's coffee columnist, I took it upon myself to quietly inquire as to how the SE core office crew enjoys their caffeine on a daily basis. The answer was not as bad as it could have been—but it wasn't pretty. More

Coffee Chronicles: Queens Gets Even Sweeter with Sweetleaf

Drinks Liz Clayton Post a comment

If New York City is truly in the throes of birthing a coffee revolution, it's going to be impossible to do so without true five-borough penetration. Sweetleaf Coffee in Long Island City, Queens, joins the neighborhood's trendy upswing by raising its own game: now a place of bigger, better beauty in which to savor the borough's best coffees. More

Coffee Chronicles: WTF is Brewing In Fort Greene

Drinks Liz Clayton 7 comments

Let's be honest: who hasn't wanted a deliciously crafted cup of coffee while stopping for a pair of designer sneakers on their way to the dog run? Dynamic Fort Greene entrepreneur Asio Highsmith (who owned posh speakeasy the Hideout on Adelphi, and who currently owns fancy footwear store Pedigree next door) has deployed such a high-concept, minimal coffeebar on Fort Greene that passersby might wonder: WTF? More

Coffee Chronicles: Upgrades at Southside Coffee

New York Liz Clayton Post a comment

[Photos: Liz Clayton] The quietly amazing Southside Coffee has been bringing some of New York's highest-caliber coffee beverages to the calm corners of the South Slope-Windsor Terrace for awhile now without making a big to-do about it. But the... More

Coffee Chronicles: Stumptown's Red Hook Tasting Room

Drinks Liz Clayton 8 comments

Distance from the beaten path has never much thwarted New Yorkers or coffee snobs, most of whom relish the opportunity to get the hell off that beaten path anyway. Hike on out to Red Hook, then, where Stumptown Coffee's much-lauded Brooklyn roastery has at long last opened a cafe space open to the public, the Red Hook Tasting Room. More

Coffee Chronicles: Variety Increases Variety of Single Origin Espressos

New York Liz Clayton 2 comments

"All that range we've begun to embrace in single origin brewed coffee is available in the concentrated, mercurial world of espresso as well." [Photos: Liz Clayton] Hipster haven Variety may not be on your morning commute, but you're only an... More

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