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Daily Slice: The Absolut Pizza at Villa Roma, Clifton

Slice Casey Barber 7 comments

Strip mall pizza places are a dime a dozen in the Jersey 'burbs. So what makes me go back to Villa Roma time and again when I've got more counter joints than I can count on both hands within a mile radius of my kitchen? The Absolut pizza ($15), slathered with vodka sauce instead of regular tomato sauce, turns a basic, unassuming takeout pie into a classy affair. More

Clifton, NJ: Breakfast of Champions at Tick Tock Diner

A Hamburger Today Nick Solares 13 comments

While the plain burger at Tick Tock Diner leaves something to desire, topping it with egg, bacon, cheese and some amazing hash browns significantly improves it. More

Bogey's Pizza & Guns, a Combination Pizzeria and Gun Shop

Slice Adam Kuban 10 comments

Bogey's Pizza & Guns seems like it might be legit, according to the website Neatorama, which found a website, reports of people visiting, and a phonebook listing. When I called, however, the shop said it was "closed for a couple of weeks," with no definitive date to mark the temporary closing or reopening. I'm still skeptical until I can get verification, but it's fun to think it might be real. And, heck, there have been weirder combos—like this sneaker shop burger joint. Bogey's Pizza & Guns 113 County Road 1604, Clifton TX 76634 254-622-2005; bogeys-gunshop.magix.net/website... More

Jersey Dispatch: Bulk Italian at Corrado's Market

New York BrianYarvin 1 comment

There are stores you visit when you need a little something—an apple, a quart of milk, or a bottle of soda—and others when you need to do regular shopping. But what about when you need to buy more? Warehouse... More

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