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Nashville, Tennessee: Gourmet Popsicles at Las Paletas

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Las Paletas makes the best gourmet paletas I've tried yet—lightyears ahead of NYC's People Pops and narrowly beating Austin's GoodPop. A riff on the angular Mexican popsicles that usually feature corn syrup or cane juice and loads of artificial coloring, these icy treats forgo all that filth in favor of pure, streamlined recipes that highlight natural fruit flavors. More

Fuel City: The Best Taco in Texas?

Citizen Taco 28 comments

Some four years ago in the December 2006 issue of Texas Monthly, the publication's food editor Patricia Sharpe had the gumption to crown the best taco in Texas. I can't really argue with most of the list, partly because it gets many places right, and mostly because I only relocated to central Texas in early 2009. Maybe the brisket taco at Matt's El Rancho deserved such accolades back then. (Not today.) Do you have a favorite taco in Texas that was left out of the list? More

The Best Vegan Summer Sweets in Austin, Texas

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Skip all the shaved ice and snow cone trucks. And if you pass the hometown favorite Amy's Ice Creams (Cold Stone Creamery minus the cloying corporate culture), or any errant fro-yo, keep on moving. The best summer sweet bites in Austin lurk a little farther afield, and happen to be, for the sake of this roundup, vegan. Here are six favorites. More

Anatomy of a Dish: Pollo Al Horno at Sol Food in San Rafael, California

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In all my travels across the U.S. and abroad, I've never found another restaurant like Sol Food. Granted, I've never been to Puerto Rico, but it's hard to imagine finding better Puerto Rican cuisine outside the home country than what this spunky little restaurant north of San Francisco turns out of its two kitchens (one for takeout, one for dine-in). I haven't lived in Marin County since 2004, but in the period since Sol Food opened the following year, I've probably eaten their pollo al horno more than any other dish at any other restaurant in the country. More

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