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I Brought Cinnabon Vodka Home for Thanksgiving

Drinks Jamie Feldmar 16 comments

The first thing you should know about this review is that I volunteered to do it. I'm not typically a vodka drinker, let alone a flavored vodka drinker, but when the bottle of Cinnabon vodka showed up at our office, I figured what the hell, and brought it home for Thanksgiving. More

The Problems With Cinnabon's New Salted Caramel Center of the Roll Start With the Name

Sweets Todd Brock 14 comments

Cinnabon is jumping onto the sweet-meets-savory bandwagon by adding salted caramel onto a new limited-time-only treat. For those who haven't been to a mall food court in a while, the chain already features an item called the Center of the Roll. It's essentially the inner mass of a standard Cinnabon, cut into bite-sized pieces, served in a cup, to be eaten with a fork.* More

Cinnabon's Salted Caramel Chillatta is Their Best Chillatta Experiment

Drinks Adam Lindsley 1 comment

Cinnabon's new limited-edition Salted Caramel Chillatta brings the salty dessert trend into the beverage world surprisingly well. More

We Try Cinnabon's Limited-Edition Peanut Butter Cup Chillatta

Drinks Adam Lindsley Post a comment

Just in time for a record-breaking ascent into high summer temperatures, mall cinnamon roll hawker Cinnabon joins the Reese's craze with the limited-time-only Peanut Butter Cup Chillatta, the latest in its line of sweetened iced beverages. More

There Are Two New Cinnamon Cookies in the Supermarket, and They're Good

Sweets Carrie Vasios Mullins 7 comments

On a recent stroll through the cookie aisle of the supermarket, I noticed not one but two new cinnamon flavored cookies. Joy! They each took a very different approach—one simple and classic and the other novel and...mall-tastic—so I grabbed both to try. More

We Try Cinnabon's Limited-Edition Oreo Mint Chillatta

Drinks Adam Lindsley 5 comments

Just in time to compete with McDonald's Shamrock Shake and Dunkin' Donuts' Lucky Mint Coolatta for your neon-green-tinted-drink dollars, Cinnabon is rolling out its limited-time-only Oreo Mint Chillatta. It's a frozen beverage that looks just like a shake but does not at all drink like one. More

In Which We Eat the Pizzabon from Cinnabon

Slice Todd Brock 28 comments

C'mon, admit it. Your first reaction to the news that Cinnabon was testing a pizza-like thingy was one of shock and horror and revolted disgust and utter despair at the hopelessly sad state of humanity... but deep down, you were curious. More

Mixed Review: Betty Crocker Decadent Supreme Cinnamon Swirl Cake

Sweets Lucy Baker Post a comment

If you've ever set foot in a shopping mall or an airport, then you know what a Cinnabon smells like. Chances are you know what one tastes like too. The behemoth of all sticky buns, Cinnabons are massive spirals of dough oozing with cinnamon goo and slicked with cream cheese frosting. Betty Crocker has teamed up with Cinnabon to create a Decadent Supreme Cinnamon Swirl Cake Mix. Did it taste like a Cinnabon? Did it make my kitchen smell like a food court? Most importantly, was it delicious? More

Baking Cinnabon's New Cupcakes with CinnaMom Jerilyn Brusseau

Sweets Erin Zimmer 17 comments

There are few food smells quite as hypnotic as the Cinnabon smell. You know it. At just about any mall food court, airport, or train station, it's there lingering, taunting you. But after 25 years, the Cinnabon counter is making room for a new dessert—and it doesn't even have an addictive aroma. The cupcake. More

Cinnabon-Esque Cinnamon Rolls

Carey Jones 7 comments

Photo from The Cooking Photographer via Photograzing I'm a sucker for Cinnabons—those indecently sweet, doughy cinnamon rolls found at food courts and airports across the country—so I'm tempted to try this recipe for "Cinnabon Clones" from Laura Flowers at The Cooking Photographer. The day I can capture that smell in my own oven, I will be a happy person indeed.... More

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