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Blogwatch: Chubby Hubby's Banana Ice Cream and Brownie Cookie Sandwiches

Aun Koh's blog may be called Chubby Hubby, but this week a more appropriate title would have been "chunky monkey." When, after a few weeks of testing, his wife, S., had finally perfected her banana cake recipe, she still had a stockpile of bananas reminiscent of "a gorilla about to face a harsh winter." She incorporated the bananas into banana ice cream and sandwiched them between little brownie cookies, which Aun dubbed "crownies." The results were little treats that could satisfy King Kong's sweet tooth.... More

Meet & Eat: Chubby Hubby

The crew here at Serious Eats HQ has long been a fan of Aun Koh's food blog. If you don't recognize the name, that's because you might know him as Chubby Hubby. If you don't, now's as good a time as any to meet him. Singapore Day here in New York City had us rereading his site to bone up on the street food we'll be eating tomorrow, so we thought we'd sit down with him for this week's Meet & Eat.... More

Singapore: Ming Kee Live Seafood

Chubby Hubby's beautiful meal at Ming Kee Live Seafood. Ming Kee Live Seafood is tucked among a busy row of restaurants and eateries on Macpherson Road. It's next to a famous fried intestines shop and a few doors down from Swa Garden, Ignatius Chan's favorite Teochew restaurant. 2We had a splendid meal, made even better through the edition of some amazing wines supplied by N, including some JJ Prum Rieslings and a 1996 Flor de Pingus. We began our feast with a perfectly roasted suckling pig. This was followed by the most beautifully tender mussels cooked in a lovely, umami, soy sauce based sauce. After this, we had equally delicious steamed scallops covered in young garlic. We then had some... More

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