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Christopher Kimball at Di Fara?

I spotted this shot on Facebook and couldn't help but wonder what it all meant. So I checked in with our man Andrew Janjigian, who just happens to 9-5 it at America's Test Kitchen. Turns out he took the photo and was on location during the filming of the video to be included on next season of the PBS show America's Test Kitchen. Andrew was there because his New York-style pie, beloved by us, is going to be one of the featured recipes in the season lineup. We will have to wait until the show airs to see what Chris and Dom got up to, but in the meantime, check out the other pictures from the shoot on the Di Fara's Facebook page. More

Video: Making Maple Syrup at Christopher Kimball's Farm in Vermont

March means sugaring season in Vermont. After a series of warm days and freezing nights, it's time to tap those trees and begin the maple syrup-making process. Cook's Illustrated editor Christopher Kimball hopped on his four-wheeler through his farm, Two Pigs Farm, to retrieve sap from his maple trees and "sugar," or boil down the liquid. This video is not only informative but set to his bluegrass band's cover of the Grateful Dead hit Eyes of The World. More

Cook the Book: America's Test Kitchen Family Baking Book

You won't find Christopher Kimball on Food Network or pandering to the morning talkshow set—he's quite the polar opposite of the flamboyant, vivacious food personalities we've become so accustomed to in recent years. But Kimball has been an integral part of American food media for the last 30 years. You might recognize his signature horn-rimmed glasses and suspenders from America's Test Kitchen, a program syndicated on PBS stations around the country or from the pages of Cook's Illustrated, a bimonthly magazine that he's helmed for the since 1993. Kimball's reserved and meticulous New England sensibilities have made him into a reliable source of solid information and recipes for a very specific type of home cooks. Within the pages of... More

In Videos: Christopher Kimball Sugaring Maple Sap

While perusing Cook's Illustrated editor Christopher Kimball's Twitter feed, we found this video of him and his crew "sugaring" maple sap—boiling it down to syrup. (After the jump.) February through April (depending on local conditions) is the traditional season for maple syrup production in the U.S. and Canada. It's a little difficult to hear voices in the video because the sugar house's equipment is loud, but someone made sure to pump the soundtrack up—it's Kimball's band, Shady Grove. Yes, Christopher Kimball is in a bluegrass band. Who knew!... More

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