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Cook the Book: 'Canal House Cooking Volume 4: Farm Markets & Gardens'

Last summer Ed profiled Canal House Cooking Volume 1, the first in a series of quarterly seasonal cookbooks from Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton. The fourth volume in the series is out, and finds inspiration in gardens, roadside farmstands, and summertime farmers' markets. We are thrilled to share a week's worth of late-summer recipes from Canal House Cooking including Roast Chicken with Tomato Butter, Corn Soup with Lobster and Avocado, and Quick-Cured Salmon with Fresh Dill. More

Cook the Book: 'Canal House Cooking, Vol. 1'

Above: A spread from the chapter on tomatoes in "Canal House Cooking, Volume 1." Below right: The book's cover. Courtesy of The Canal House Studio Photographer-editor-writer Christopher Hirsheimer and editor-chef-writer Melissa Hamilton are no slouches in the food-media world, so it's noteworthy when they team up to self-publish the stunningly gorgeous Canal House Cooking, Volume No. 1, the first in a series of seasonal cookbooks coming out of the Canal House studio the two share in Lambertville, New Jersey. Christopher (the only woman I've ever met named Christopher) is extraordinarily accomplished; she was one of the founding editors of Saveur, she is one of the great food photographers anywhere (her stunning photos grace the pages of The Young Man... More

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