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Weekend Baking Project: Chocolate 'Crack' and Holiday Peppermint Chocolate 'Crack'

Sweets Carrie Vasios Mullins 2 comments

Everyone loves getting a homemade edible gift. These addictive, salty-sweet chocolate barks are the perfect choice, especially for those short on time. More

17 Beautiful Holiday Cookie Recipes

Sweets Hally Wolhandler Post a comment

This past weekend marked the beginning of Cookie Month, known to some as December. We love Cookie Month, which we showed last year by giving you a great cookie recipe every day. Here's a short guide to reliving the magic, from decadent to classic and everything in between. More

Chocoholic: Chocolate Shortbread Sandwich Cookies

Sweets Yvonne Ruperti Post a comment

Chocolate does double duty in these crunchy shortbread cookies sandwiched with a creamy and decadent dark chocolate ganache. More

Cookie Monster: Cranberry Linzer Cookies

Sweets Carrie Vasios Mullins 3 comments

Buttery almond flour shortbread is sandwiched around sweet-tart cranberry jam to make these updated Linzer Cookies. You might just steal the Cookie Swap show. More

Cranberry Linzer Cookies

Serious Eats Carrie Vasios Mullins 1 comment

Buttery almond cookies are sandwiched around sweet-tart cranberry jam. More

Candy Cane Striped Cookies

Serious Eats cakespy Post a comment

It's true: Italian Flag Cookies, or Rainbow Cookies, as they're sometimes called, are already sort of Christmas-hued. But if you, like me, prefer something more substantial than preserves between layers, you might adore this equally festive frosting-filled Candy Cane Striped Cookie variation. More

Christmas Tree Coconut Macaroons

Serious Eats cakespy Post a comment

These sweet little somethings are rendered adorable simply by tinting the coconut with green food coloring and then decorating with sprinkles and writing icing post-baking. They're fun and easy to make, sweet to eat, and it's a very child-friendly baking project to boot! More

Last Year's Top 10 Holiday Cookies

Sweets Carey Jones Post a comment

Happy December! Okay, we're only eight hours into the sweetest month of the year, but we've already started thinking about cookies. We'll be bringing you new recipes every day this month, of course. But the great thing about holiday cookies is that they're timeless. So to kick off the month, here are our most popular 10 cookie recipes from last December. More

Cakespy: Turn Leftover Christmas Cookies Into Croutons

Serious Eats cakespy 6 comments

Though they follow the same general idea as savory croutons—baking and flavoring dried-out carbohydrates to give them a second wind—this version is composed entirely of sweet ingredients. The applications for these crunchy, sweet little nuggets are virtually endless—they can be used as an ice cream topping, a rich eggnog or hot chocolate garnish, or as a buttery delight all their own. More

Cakespy: Holiday Eggnog Nanaimo Bars

Serious Eats cakespy 6 comments

This variation is heaped with serious holiday cheer including a spicy, nutty white chocolate top layer and a rich, creamy, eggnog-and-booze-infused middle layer. More

Cakespy: Berlinerkranser

Serious Eats cakespy 6 comments

Buttery, crumbly, and complemented with a whisper of tartness from orange zest and plenty of sweetness from candied fruit garnish, these cookies are like a bite of holiday cheer. More

Video: How to Decorate Christmas Sugar Cookies

Robyn Lee 7 comments

You may have the basic sugar cookie recipe down, but how do you make your holiday cookies look pretty? Howcast gives some simple cookie decorating tips. Watch the video after the jump.... More

A Guide to Cookie Swaps

Erin Zimmer 14 comments

[Flickr: mag3737] What Is a Cookie Swap? Pretty much just what it sounds like: a gathering where cookie swappage takes place. It's kind of like a potluck but multiplied by cookies and since they are especially all the rage during Christmastime (not that cookies are ever not raging) the swaps usually happen during December. Have you ever been invited to a summertime cookie swap? Nah, people are usually too busy eating popsicles or something. Here's the Deal: You show up with a batch of your favorite recipe (extra points if it's been passed down for many moons by many grandmas) and trade away. Sadly, you don't inhale them all right there. You nibble on a few and bring home... More

Cakespy: Red and Green Christmas Cookies

Serious Eats cakespy 13 comments

Black and white cookies are one of those curious regional treats, ubiquitous in the New York metro area and pockets of the mid-Atlantic states, but (sadly) few and far between in other areas of the country. Fortunately, this recipe allows you to have them no matter where you are, dressed up in their holiday best with red and green frosting for a sweet presentation on holiday trays. More

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