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Chris Bianco Surprises With New Trattoria and Pizzeria in Phoenix

Slice Lance Roberts 14 comments

We've been on Chris Bianco overload for the last couple weeks around here, but the maestro had one more surprise up his sleeve that we couldn't possibly ignore. What if we said he just opened a new trattoria and a second Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix? Okay, what if we told you we already checked out both? More

Chris Bianco Talks Pizza, His New Restaurant in Tucson, and Beyond

Slice Lance Roberts 11 comments

You probably heard that Chris Bianco is opening up his second pizzeria, but that's only part of the story. We had a long talk with him to find out about his new place in Tucson, what's driving him thirty years into his illustrious career, and how he got to be so damn good at making pizza. More

Chris Bianco is Opening a Pizzeria in Tucson!

Slice Niki Achitoff-Gray 12 comments

At least two or three times a week, I get really annoyed at Chris Bianco. Here's a guy—a fellow New Yorker, no less—making, by all accounts, some of the best pizza in America, and he just has to do it in Phoenix freakin' Arizona. Which is, I'll have you know, 2,410 miles and 36 hours in the car I can't drive, or, alternatively, 5 hours on the plane I can't afford. Goddamnit, Chris Bianco. Why are you so far away? More

Daily Slice: Chris Bianco at LA Loves Alex's Lemonade

Slice Kelly Bone 3 comments

Three weeks after my sojourn in the tomato fields with the Bianco DiNapoli I finally go to taste them as intended: crushed between the knuckles of Chris Bianco. More

Farm to Factory Tour of Bianco DiNapoli Tomatoes

Slice Kelly Bone 18 comments

Pizza legend Chris Bianco insists Bianco DiNaopli tomatoes are not the best, but that they are special in a world full of special tomatoes. That no matter where you are, the "best tomato" is the closest one; reflecting the finest qualities of the land. More

Chris Bianco's Pizza Cookbook

Slice Meredith Smith 5 comments

New details on the much anticipated Fall 2013 cookbook from James Beard award-winning pizza god, Chris Bianco. More

'The best pizza is the one that you like, not the one I tell you to like'

Slice Adam Kuban 13 comments

"We can be on best of lists and people can talk about snipping the basil 30 seconds before they put it on the pie, but the only thing that really matters is that primal reaction when you put it in front of someone and they say, 'This is fucking delicious.' Nothing else matters." More

The Vegan Experience Day 25: Can Vegans Still Enjoy Pizza?

The Vegan Experience J. Kenji López-Alt 38 comments

The key to great vegan pizza? It's exactly the same as the key to great cheesy pizza: it comes down to the pieman's craft, the tools being used, and the quality of the individual components, the most important of which is the crust. More

Ed's Cosmic Pizza Blab: Sauce

Slice Ed Levine 25 comments

What about sauce, the oft-forgotten or rarely mentioned pizza element? Sauce is most often mentioned as an unabashed negative. Canned pizza sauce is of course a no-no. But what is the yes-yes of pizza sauces? What makes good pizza sauce good? Is there only one truly righteous pizza sauce? What do the pizza gods say about sauce? More

Ed's Cosmic Pizza Blab: Can Serious Pizza-Makers Have More than Two Great Pizzerias?

Slice Ed Levine 57 comments

Most great pizzerias are the product of one compulsive, obsessive person who lives and dies with every pie. Is it possible for a pizzeria to expand beyond two locations and maintain the quality that makes them great? It's like pizza-obsessed folks have decided that their collective ovens get too hot for them to consider adding a third pizzeria. More

Pizzeria Bianco Opens for Lunch Today: Some Words of Welcome from Pizza's Poet Laureate

Slice Ed Levine 16 comments

It's been almost ten years since Pizzeria Bianco has been open for lunch, and judging from the email owner-pizzaman Chris Bianco sent me this morning, both he and the serious pizza-loving community are incredibly excited at the prospect. More

Cooking with Chris Bianco of Phoenix's Pizzeria Bianco

Slice tempepizzagirl 6 comments

Getting a table at Pizzeria Bianco is a challenge. On any given night, most diners will wait at least two hours. The most reliable strategy is to start lining up in front of the restaurant around 3:30 p.m. (on a weeknight that is—I've never had the courage to wait in the weekend lines). Getting into a cooking class with Chris Bianco can be just as tricky. More

Chris Bianco's Lamb Sandwich Recipe

Serious Eats Adam Kuban 9 comments

In the slideshow tour of Serious Eats HQ, Katie Quinn shot a picture of Ed Levine under a handwritten recipe for a lamb sandwich from Phoenix chef Chris Bianco (Pane Bianco, Pizzeria Bianco). That prompted 13tracker to ask: "Can we get the lamb sandwich recipe? Or at the least, more and better close ups of it (wink wink, nudge nudge) — please?" Well, here you are, 13tracker—and everyone else who wanted it. What follows is more a template than a recipe. Baaa! More

WTF: Chris Bianco to Costar on 'Bizarre Foods'????

Slice Adam Kuban 1 comment

From Andrew Zimmern's blog: Chris Bianco, my good friend and soon to be co-star on Bizarre Foods of Arizona coming your way in April/May, is also taking a leave...but the pizzeria is still open. W. T. F.? [via Landry]... More

More on Chris Bianco Step-back Situation in 'Arizona Republic'

Slice Adam Kuban 3 comments

The paper of record for the Grand Canyon State has some more details on Chris Bianco's distancing himself from the pizza-building at Pizzeria Bianco. The paper talked to Ed Levine here for commentary: "For me, one of the most profound experiences I had eating anything was to see him, in the moment, living and dying with every pie."Levine, a longtime friend, said he and Bianco talked about the situation a few days ago. He said Bianco's hands-on absence will not affect quality."He always talks about the connection he feels between him and his pizza, and him and his customers,... More

Statement from Chris Bianco Regarding Absence from Pizzeria Bianco

Slice Ed Levine 18 comments

There's been a lot of talk online in various forums and pizza sites, including here on Slice, about the status of Chris Bianco at Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix. Is he retiring or is he not (For the record he isn't)? Is he there making every pie or is he not? We've known about some of the issues Chris speaks about below for some time, but out of respect for his privacy we have not gone public with them. But with the rumors reaching a new level lately, we asked if he would go on the record about what's been going... More

'There's No Mastering of It. You Engage'

Slice Ed Levine 12 comments

I just caught up on Passion-4-Pizza's interview with Phoenix pizza man Chris Bianco. I love this exchange: P4P: I was always intimidated about making pizza. Growing up in Brooklyn I've seen a lot of pizza being made and I always thought, "I can't do that," and my wife and I have really just started making pizza. The initial stuff, making the dough and putting on the cheese and tomatoes, it seems like it doesn't take long to learn but I guess it takes a lifetime to master.Chris Bianco: You never master it, I don't care how many lifetimes, and that's... More

Quote and Comment of the Day: 'I'm Disturbed by This Movement'

Slice Adam Kuban 9 comments

I was one foot out the door, running to catch a plane yesterday when I posted a list of links that included Passion-4-Pizza's "Twenty Minutes with Chris Bianco" interview. But an interesting item from Cary and Lillian Steiner's chat really deserved the kind of time I didn't have to give it. Luckily, seriouspizza did my job for me in the comments: Twenty minutes with Chris Bianco. [P4P]: "We start to look at it, turn it upside down, check the upskirt, the downskirt, all this kind of crap, it's really disturbing. I'm disturbed by this movement." —Chris Bianco Me too. Particularly... More

Another One from Norman (and Chris Bianco)

Slice Adam Kuban 10 comments

Norman, who is apparently at Pizzeria Bianco this minute, just sent this photo. I guess it makes up for his earlier taunting photo-email message. Awww, thanks, guys!... More

Dear Slice: Jimmy Kimmel Is Getting a Wood-Burning Pizza Oven

Slice Adam Kuban Post a comment

From the Slice inbox, an interesting message about Jimmy Kimmel's love of pizza. Who knew? --The Mgmt. Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel discuss pizza. NSFW--it's the "Man Show" reunited. Need I say more? Video Highlights Kimmel: "I make my own pizza." Kimmel: "Chris [Bianco] has acquired an oven for me--it's built in Houston, Texas--in fact, it's on wheels, so next time I move ... Chris apparently built a mini model of it, with fake firewood and a candle in it to simulate fire." Carolla: "It's is crazy as human beings how weired and dialed in we are that we can... More

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