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Chowhounder Has 'Best Pizza Ever!' at Co. Company

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] After not eating there for some time, we decided to hit Co. last night, and had our best Co. meal ever. We shared the radicchio salad -- a wonderfully simple salad of radicchio. sliced mushrooms and silky mozzarella in a balsamic vinaigrette -- and their current special pizza, which they call a "charcuterie pizza": sauerkraut, bechamel, three kinds of cheeses, three kinds of German sausage, and dijon mustard. This pizza was extraordinary -- a cross between the best pizza I've ever had and the best hot dog I've ever had. (Ignore that last reference if it's... More

Jim Leff on an Old-School Slice in Waterbury, Connecticut

I love the way Chowhound co-founder Jim Leff describes the pizza at Angelina's Apizza in Waterbury, Connecticut: Quick slice, reheated, totally knocked my socks off. It wasn't just like 1972 pizza (ala Sal's in Mamaroneck), it was like the BEST 1972 pizza. Intense, almost sharp cheesey flavor, unapologetic oregano, crust ends crispy and cylindrical, like great bread sticks. Not thin-crust or gourmet in any way, this is a barebones place, but the pizza was like a time machine. I like the idea of "1972 pizza." Of course, I was about 2 years away from existing at that point. Angelina's Apizza... More

Chowhounder's One Post Sums Up All of Site's Di Fara Wisdom

If you're a participant or lurker on Chowhound, you know there are certain restaurants or vendors on the boards there that have attained mythic status and are and talked about over and over. The Arepa Lady, Lotus of Siam, and, yes, Di Fara are just three of many such places. If you've been reading long enough, there's very little new to be said about most of these places. But I thought I'd point out this recent Di Fara thread because Chowhounder "pizzajunkie" seems to have summed up several years' worth of Di Fara wisdom in just 101 words: Okay, so... More

Two's a Trend: Chowhounders Sink Teeth into Co. Company

Two threads have been started in the last 30 hours on Chowhound dissing Co. Company. Co. Pizza—Too Tarte: "These pizzas are more like gallettes or, at the risk of further pissing off Lahey, pissaladieres." Co. Not So Hot (Longish): "The pizza was strictly ordinary.... The previous week I had a way better pizza, handmade with the freshest ingredients, with exquisite personal service by the owner and his family in, of all places, Germany."... More

The 30-Day Tulsa-Area Pizza Challenge

You know, too often, pizza outside of New York City or Chicago gets dissed (and, yes, I know this site does a fair amount of the dissing). That's why I love this Oklahoma Chowhound's spirited defense of Sooner State pie—and his or her solution: I take exception to that edict. Comments like that always seem to come from someone who lived on the coast or in NY, and when they say 'your pizza sucks' we seem to cower and take it without standing up for our pizza restaurants. I know darn good and well there is good pizza in the... More

CBS Buys CNET, Owner of Chowhound

As reported today, CBS is dropping $1.8 billion in cash on CNET. CNET in turn owns popular food site Chowhound. Remember the old days of Chowhound, when it was simply, basically, black text on a white background and the pages took forever to load? Amazing to see it go from a bedroom operation under founder Jim Leff to a property of a major entertainment network. Informed chowhounders are already anticipating changes, like their valiant foodie leader Leff appearing on CBS sitcoms and Letterman. Updated: Jim Leff opines on the purchase: “What we don’t need, however, is a broader slice of diners participating. A real flood of unsavvy diners could dilute the knowledge level.”... More

How to Diss Di Fara

You know, I love Eater. In its Board Wrap post today, the site points out with one swift sentence the madness of trying to say anything negative about Di Fara on Chowhound: "The Only Way to Pan Di Fara on Chowhound: Blame Yourself" The title of the actual thread: "Was my DiFara's dissapointment my fault?!?" Clip: The tip sagged, the cheese slid off into a goopy mess and my friend's meatball slice completely fell across into shambles. But, was it our fault because we did not allow the slices to cool completely after they came fresh out the oven? Ah,... More

David Haskell on Online Food Crit

To supplement the foodblog this and foodblog that discussion going on recently, Eater L.A. grabs David Haskell, owner of Bin 8945, to share his thoughts on another food-crit site, Chowhound: I banned Chowhound. It’s not that I don’t think the writers supply some decent informative reviews. It’s that most of the reviews never critique the food or actual service. I always thought my profession was to supply the best food and service for the cost. If you want to review that, then please mention the food and why you didn’t like it. Or the service. Did we not put down silver for every course? But “It sucks” is not a review. People have come to my restaurant with cards that... More

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