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Why 'Chopped' Is Such an Addictive Show

Why am I consuming this show like a bag of Doritos? Why do I turn it on almost subconsciously anytime I have a minute? What makes this show different from all other shows? Is it even entertaining anymore? After reciting these questions over and over again, I narrowed Chopped's appeal down to five principles. More

Meet & Eat: Amanda Freitag, Chef

Chef Amanda Freitag has been part of New York City's culinary fabric since 1993, working in kitchens with Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Tom Colicchio, among others. Since 2007 she has been running the show at The Harrison, which received a two-star... More

Meet & Eat: Joe Bayley, Winner of Last Night's 'Chopped'

On last night's episode of Chopped, contestant Joe Bayley cooked his way through two mystery baskets before facing his final challenge: creating a coherent dessert out of an avocado, some coffee liqueur and a honeycomb. His avocado and ginkgo mousse with coffee ganache and lime-infused honey impressed the judges and sent his opponent packing. Bayley collected the $10,000 prize money—but not before yelling "Ten Gs, baby!" into the camera. I caught up with the Chopped champ—a dear friend and FCI classmate—during a rare moment on dry land, as he headed to a bar in Juneau to watch his own victory. Name: Joseph Bayley Location: Afloat in the Gulf of Alaska Occupation: Chef on board the Island Spirit How long... More

Casting Call for 'Chopped' Season Two

The casting agency for Chopped, the cooking competition show on Food Network that sort of fuses Top Chef and Iron Chef concepts, is looking for professional chefs to compete in the second season. "Four chefs will race against the clock; their food judged on taste, creativity, and presentation by the experts. Three are eliminated along the way, and only one remains the ultimate $10,000 winner. Seeking dynamic, outgoing, experienced professional chefs in the New York/Tri-State area. Men and women, any ethnicity and cooking specialty are encouraged to apply." Apply here if interested. Related 'Chopped' Season Premiere Rechat Another Slider Misnomer on 'Chopped' OMG. Chris guy on 'Chopped' [Talk]... More

'Chopped' Season Premiere Rechat

"I want to care more about these people, can't someone say something funny or bitchy or edgy?" —Ed Levine "Animal Crackers in My Soup." Trust me, all will become clear if you keep reading. Three of the Serious Eats gang sat down to watch the premiere of the new chef competition show Chopped. We chatted via IM about it as the episode unfolded. Adam: So from what I understand, it's four competitors each show, three courses, one chef eliminated with each course? So no recurring stable of contestants to whittle down over the season Ed: Yes, it's all about cooking, but I miss the artificially induced drama. Ted Allen is rather bland. It has some elements of Iron Chef and... More

Chopped: Food Network Searches for Top Sous-Chefs

Bravo's uber-successful reality series/competition Top Chef will be airing its third season this summer, and I guess maybe the Food Network was feeling sad and unloved, so they put up an ad on Craigslist for their own version of the show: "Chopped, a Food Network cooking competition is currently casting sous-chefs, who want to test their culinary skills against those of other sous-chefs. The show begins with four competitors and ends with only one as the winner." On Top Chef, competitors include sous-chefs, executive chefs (albeit ones from small restaurants), and people fresh from culinary school, so while it's nice that the competitors on Chopped will be getting more attention and respect, doesn't having a sous-chef-only competition imply that... More

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