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The Best Chinese Bakery Sweets in Manhattan's Chinatown

Ida Yu 29 comments

After sampling countless sweets from dozens of bakeries, we've found the best buns, egg tarts, and cakes that Manhattan's Chinatown has to offer. More

Big Flavors in Unlikely Places at Rosette

New York Craig Cavallo 1 comment

Chinatown's pulse beats fastest at Canal and Bowery, where the Manhattan Bridge spills traffic onto the island and, nearby, the diesel engines of buses idle. Few people consider the eastern reaches of the neighborhood, between the Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges, as a dining destination. But that's where Rosette opened at the end of January. More

In the Halls of Chinatown's Faux Meat Marketplace

New York Rabi Abonour 6 comments

Looking for a "fried egg" made of soy protein with a cheese powder yolk? A whole "lobster" made of yam flour? Vegan "beef stew," wrapped in plastic and ready to eat? Whatever meat substitute you need, you can probably find it here. More

Eat This Now: Tonkotsu Ramen from Strings Ramen in Chinatown

Chicago Dennis Lee 10 comments

I was excited to see the opening of Strings Ramen in Chinatown just a few doors down from The Phoenix Room. I got even more excited when I saw the menu only has four bowls of ramen on it, because I'd rather see a place with a few items it does well rather than a billion things it does a mediocre job with (I'm looking at you, Cheesecake Factory). More

Simplicity is Key at Sing's Hand-Pulled Noodles in Chinatown

Chicago Joe Roy Post a comment

By the time the cook is done hand-pulling the dough, he can run his fingers through it, but not before he's played it like an accordion, twisted it like a jump rope, and swung it like a sword.  More

An 11-Stop Tour of Chinatown and Little Italy for Under $15 a Head

New York J. Kenji López-Alt 20 comments

A couple weeks back, my wife gave me a challenge: entertain her two friends visiting from Colombia with a food tour of Little Italy and Chinatown that lived up to my own standards of good food, catered to their tourist desires for a bit of history and a unique-to-New York feel, and clocked in at under $20 per person. More

Chinese Dessert Spot InDessert Does Green Tea Waffles

New York Max Falkowitz 2 comments

The menu is always changing InDessert, our favorite Chinese sit-down dessert spot in Chinatown, but this Green Tea Waffle ($6.50) has become one of our standbys. Three waffle quadrants (what happens to the fourth?) hit the plate with a scoop of ice cream, a drizzle of condensed milk, whipped cream, and some strawberries for good measure. More

A Tour of Aji Ichiban, an Asian Snack Paradise in New York

Sweets Ben Jay 15 comments

Candy stores are always special places, and ones that fill a specific niche are endlessly interesting and fun to explore. For those of us who love Asian candy and snacks, look no further than Aji Ichiban. More

Kam Hing Coffee Shop's Excellent Sponge Cake Now Comes in 4 Flavors

New York Max Falkowitz 4 comments

Kam Hing Coffee Shop's classic sponge cake now comes in a chocolate-cinnamon variation. More

Video: The Clay Pot Rice King of Chinatown

New York James Boo 1 comment

When Delong Chang, a longtime cook in Chinatown, opened A-Wah, he decided to focus on bo zai fan, a dish that was popular where he grew up in southern China. More

Video: Noodles by Hand in Manhattan's Chinatown

New York James Boo 2 comments

Deceptively simple hand-pulled noodles depend on a few ingredients and the hands of a skilled noodle maker to bring everything together—by pulling everything apart. The process brings a natural rhythm to noodle shops like Chinatown's Sheng Wang. More

Heading Back to Noodle Village for Meat Sauce

New York Max Falkowitz 1 comment

We tried not to write about Noodle Village once again, but hey, sometimes you have to give Chinatown's best wonton soup slinger its due. But this time we're not talking about wontons or soup, but rather noodles with a sweet meat sauce poetically called Pork in Hot Spicy Sauce Lo Mein. More

Cai Embraces Fall with Pumpkin Congee and Corn Dumplings

Chicago Mike Gebert 3 comments

The last place you expect to find seasonal variation is in Chinese restaurants. It does happen, but to the casual observer, it's the same bell peppers and bok choy month in and month out. So I was immediately curious when Cai, a big dim sum hall in Chinatown, had pumpkin congee on its menu. More

Chinatown for Vegetarians: 'Beef' Cooked in a Pumpkin

New York Max Falkowitz Post a comment

Vegetarian Dim Sum House specializes in fake meat, which might be an instant turn-off for some, but fine seitan and tofu cookery is a tradition that stretches back centuries in China, and with the right chef and the right dish, it really can be a beautiful thing. For a centerpiece dish you'll have to order off menu for a platter of mock beef in brown sauce baked inside a whole kabocha squash. More

Skàl's Nordic Cuisine and Service Leave You Hanging

New York Max Falkowitz 12 comments

It's a cold and lonely walk to Canal and Ludlow, the streets empty and dark and windy. The Lower East Side may be hopping, but not here. So when you show up at Skàl, it'd be nice if a waiter didn't greet you with a look that asked, "What are you doing here?" Trust me, guys, I didn't just stumble in by accident. More

The Brunch Dish: First-Rate Dim Sum at Cai

Chicago Matt Kirouac 2 comments

If you're hankering for a Sunday morning meal, and you just can't stomach the notion of syrup-soaked griddle cakes, dim sum is the way to go, and in Chicago it doesn't get much better than Cai. More

Food on the Street: The Incredible Visual World of Chinatown, NYC

New York The Serious Eats Team 15 comments

In our office neighborhood of Chinatown, food is front and center. That's more than some good restaurants—streets and businesses here all run to the beat of the buying, selling, cooking, and eating. To capture the incredible color, texture, and movement that so characterizes the neighborhood and its approach to food, we asked photographer Clay Williams to hit the streets from morning until night and document the ways food comes to life here. More

Video: Robert Sietsema Talks the Art of Hand-Pulled Noodles

New York Max Falkowitz 3 comments

Over on Eater, Robert Sietsema brings a camera crew down to Super Taste in Chinatown to produce this video profiling the restaurant's hand-pulled noodles—the first to come to New York, he says, in 2005. More

The Best Wonton Soup in Manhattan's Chinatown

New York J. Kenji López-Alt 36 comments

There are plenty of bad wonton soups in Chinatown, but some excellent ones as well. Where should you go for the best? We tasted 23 bowls to find out. More

Ham, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich from Cup and Saucer in Chinatown

New York Robyn Lee 4 comments

Start your day off right with a ham, egg, and cheese sandwich from one of our favorite diners, Cup and Saucer. More

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