'China Jade' on Serious Eats

One from Column A, None from Column B

In yesterday's New York Times there was a funny piece about Jews and Chinese food by Patricia Volk. Best line: There's an e-joke making the rounds: According to the Jewish calendar, the year is 5766. According to the Chinese calendar, it's 4703. That means for 1,063 years, it's 4703. That means for 1,063 years, Jews went without Chinese food. And this line about Chinese food in the 1950's: "Every dish contained so much cornstarch, the ingredients appeared suspended." Growing up Jewish on Long Island in the late fifties, we (just like the Volks), too, went for Chinese food every Sunday (the housekeeper's day off) to China Jade in Hewlett. There were six of us, all big eaters, but my dad... More

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