'Chilmark' on Serious Eats

Amazing Pasteurized Milk from The Grey Barn and Farm, Chilmark, MA

Before I get into why this is the best pasteurized milk I've ever had, I should backtrack and say that I love raw milk and have long been a fan of Mermaid Farm, which for years was Martha's Vineyard's lone source of unpasteurized milk. But the pasteurized milk that Grey Barn and Farm proprietors Eric and Molly Glasgow and their herd of Dutch belted cows are producing in Chilmark, MA is astonishingly good. More

Chilmark, MA: Clam Shack Favorites at The Bite

Bite clams come crammed in one of those classic cardboard boxes that all New England seafood shacks seem to have, fresh out of the hot oil so that the bottom of the container develops oil spots. The batter is substantial and craggy—perfect for swiping up the pickle-y tartar sauce without falling apart—but light enough that the rich, creamy, mineral-y clam belly flavor comes through bright and clear. More

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