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Top This: Pollo (à la Trattoria Neapolis)

Slice Kelly Bone 6 comments

At first glance, it's clear that Trattoria Neapolis takes its pizza seriously. A walk through the kitchen proves it. For this edition of Top This, we learn how to make their nouveau smoked chicken, Asiago cheese, fresh orange, pickled red onion, balsamic and basil topped Pollo. More

Daily Slice: Chicken Parm Pizza at Isabella Pizza, Philadelphia

Slice Hawk Krall 1 comment

One of my favorite pastimes is perusing the zillions of pizza menus I've collected since moving to South Philadelphia. Strange and unusual pizza concoctions abound. While I enjoy the simple pleasure of an artfully crafted plain pie, the wild world of Philly mutant novelty pizza is too much to ignore. More

Daily Slice: Buffalo Chicken at Amish Market, Tribeca

Slice Sean Taylor 3 comments

The Tribeca Amish Market bills itself as a fine foods grocery store. My slice of their buffalo chicken pizza indicates the prepared food is rather fine as well. More

Daily Slice: Domenick's, The Bronx

Slice Chris E. Crowley 1 comment

The plain slice ($2.75) at Domenick's on Allerton in the Bronx is pretty average, but the chicken-and-fresh-tomato pizza is far better. More

Daily Slice: Buffalo Chicken Pizza at Lazzara's Pizza Cafe, Hell's Kitchen

Slice Sean Taylor 2 comments

The single door between Lazzara'scash-only Hell's Kitchen outpost and the New York air makes the "dine-in" option in this nine seat cafe much more appealing during warmer months. But the Buffalo Chicken slice, laden with sliced chicken drenched in Frank's RedHot sauce, delivers the heat even on the most frigid of winter afternoons. More

San Francisco: Deep Dish Worth the Wait at Little Star

Slice Seth Mazow 14 comments

Little Star is known as the best place to get Chicago-style deep-dish pizza in San Francisco. The lines are notoriously long, and I was determined to find out if the pizza was worth the wait. More

Photo of the Day/Comment of the Day: Pecking Order

Slice Adam Kuban 1 comment

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] "That poll is missing a selection: NFW." --Paulie Gee... More

Chicken Pizza: It Doesn't Suck

Slice Ed Levine 28 comments

My son, Will, loves chicken pizza. A lot. The kind where they chop up a breaded chicken cutlet and put it on top of the cheese and sauce. I have always been unalterably opposed to the very idea. My up-to-now passionately held view on the subject is as follows: Since a slice of plain pizza is basically cheese and sauce on top of bread or crust, why would you then add another breaded element to it? Now, a full ten years after Will and I had begun discussing this vitally important pizza-related issue, I have to admit it: Chicken pizza doesn't suck. In fact, sometimes it hits the spot. What turned me around? ... More

'Slice' Poll: Chicken Pizza - Way or No Way?

Slice Adam Kuban 55 comments

Time was when I was more of a pizza purist that I'd dismiss chicken on a pizza out of hand. But when even the certifiably old-school Bronx joint Louie & Ernie's has had to offer chicken topping as tastes change, well, that made me reassess things. Add to that the fact that Ed Levine (Mr. "Slice of Heaven" himself) recently mentioned that his son has turned him on to chicken pizza, and that seals it for this week's Slice poll: Chicken pizza — way or no way? More

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